Discovery new experiences and challenges especially when it comes to fishing, is what makes us unique. Ryan Peile, Crispin Irvine, Martin Gordon and Trevor Wilson surely experienced the island life when they travelled to Vanuatu to fish one of greatest waterways within the south pacific.

Ryan, Crispin, Martin and Trevor’s Vanuatu fishing experience surely was an epic tale of adventure and of great triumph. Check out their gallery below:

Fishing our FAD’s saw some catches of yellowfin ranging from 25kg+ on topwater including Trevor’s of 40kg yellowfin and on the bycatch Ryan’s massive rainbow runner which thought to have a king fish look alike.

Fishing for Ruby Snapper in 150+ meters, saw catches of four and five nice fish being landed at a time, thanks to the electric reels. All four thought they had conquered it all, until their experienced our Vanuatu dogtooth.  So hooking them isn’t often the problem, landing them is. An encounter with a decent sized doggie, regardless of outcome, often leaves anglers in mystical awe. Landing a dogtooth despite it’s size will leave you battered and bruised, making them the ultimate sport fish. “No weak links” as best described by Ocean Blue guide Andrea Traverso. I am sure these four anglers can relate to such adrenalin feeling.

Fishing Vanuatu and staying at our anglers lodge, Trees and Fishes especially the service, food turned out to be one of the most extraordinary experiences they’d ever visited.

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