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Be Good to Your Body: Health Benefits of Fishing

Some people may think that fishing is an activity where you just throw a line in and wait all day until a fish bites your bait. Though that may be partly true, fishing is much more than that; not only is fishing an adventure-packed hobby but it is also an activity loaded with health benefits. Stick around as we list some of the incredible health benefits of fishing.

Health Benefits of Fishing 1: Immune System Booster

Your immune system is a very crucial aspect of your health. A strong immune system means your body is capable of fighting bacteria and virus’ for a faster recovery. One vitamin you need in order to maintain your immune system’s function is Vitamin D. And what better way to gather vitamin D than being exposed to the sun!

Being outdoors and around the ocean gives you ample opportunity to be in the sun which provides Vitamin D to your body to help regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption. Don’t forget, however, to apply sunscreen to protect you from the harmful rays. Don’t know what to wear? Here are some sun protection clothing suggestions.

Health Benefits of Fishing 2: Blood Pressure Reducer

Reduce or avoid the risk of having a heart attack and other serious heart conditions by going out to the sea and fish. It’s not yet clear as to how, but it has been evident that one of the health benefits of fishing is that it can help reduce blood pressure. It only takes 30 minutes a week of fishing activity in order to gain this benefit.

Health Benefits of Fishing 3: Stress Reliever

Feeling a bit exhausted and stressed can be pressing for almost everyone. The best way to get rid of stress is to be one with nature. When out fishing, you’re surrounded by a lot of nature, giving you a chance to unplug and find the peace of mind and clarity you seek.

Experts also claim that fishing is therapeutic because the activity needs a lot of focus, diverting your mind from problems and concerns. It also can help strategic/lateral thinking as you need to find a way to catch a fish using the tools that you have.

Health Benefits of Fishing 3: Fish is Good for You!

Last on this list of health benefits is perhaps the most enjoyable part. Most of the time, anglers eat what they catch for the day. As we all know by now, eating fish has a lot of benefits. Fish is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which aids your metabolism for more energy, fat reduction and mental clarity. Other health benefits including fish in your diet include decreasing the risks of some cancers and improved joint health.

Fishing is the ideal way to start the year on a healthier note. Plan your next fishing trip and reap all these health benefits of fishing in the process.

January 23, 2019