Be Your Own Captain: Essential Tips For Buying A Fishing Boat

Having a boat is perhaps every anglers ultimate dream. Who doesn’t want to be the captain of their own ship, with the ability to go out fishing anytime at all? If you’re seriously

March 4, 2019

Pop, Tackle, Snap: The Best Fishing Apps For All Anglers!

Technology, almost all the time, exceeds our expectations. These days, even your phone can do a whole range of tasks and one huge benefit is that it can help you with your fishing

February 20, 2019

Great for Your Sole: The Best Fishing Shoes to Have in 2019

Fishing shoes are a must-have in every angler's arsenal. And it shouldn't just be any fishing shoes - it should be something that can withstand the stress of angling and saltwater

February 19, 2019

Tied Up In Knots? Read Our Shortlist Of The Best Saltwater Fishing Knots

As a seasoned, or even novice angler, you might find it difficult to choose a few favourites out of the hundreds of saltwater fishing knots available. Luckily, we have put together a

October 5, 2018

Want to Improve Your Boat’s Range and Fuel Efficiency?

All boats need a little TLC and performance improvement over time. Maintaining your boat doesn’t have to be complicated, and a few small tweaks will have you getting the most out of

July 20, 2018

Ocean Blue Fishing’s Edge Water Sportfishers get a Fresh New Look!

Our sexy Edgewater sport fishing vessels just got better looking with a fresh wrap by the team at Fishwreck! Fishwreck is known worldwide for its unique style, world-renown artists,

May 2, 2018

The ‘REEL’ Deal: Taking Care of Your Fishing Reels

The fishing reels that we’ve come to know today are very intricate pieces of equipment. When you detach its parts, you will see that it looks like you just opened a very old and

April 18, 2018

PE Rating – Fishing Line Diameter Chart

If you are not using braided lines for fishing today, you should start now. Since the advent of braided lines in the early 90’s, anglers all over the world began to have more success

December 16, 2011