Multiple Marlin Fishing: How do you catch more than one billfish at the same time?

If you’ve observed or participated in a fishing tournament before, you’ve probably wondered how on earth some teams manage such high numbers and find themselves on the top fleet.

August 22, 2018

Challenge Yourself with this Sportfishing Knowledge Quiz!

Before you can become a successful angler, you need to acquire a special set of skills that is vastly ranged. If you think you have already obtained enough experience that you can land

August 15, 2018

What Are The Most Difficult Fish to Catch in The World?

We at Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures know that most – if not all – serious anglers are always up for catching fish that test your limits and provide a challenge. Seasoned anglers

August 6, 2018

Trouble Chasing A Hooked Fish? Here’s Our Hot Tips

Watching a video clip of an angler fighting a monster fish may look easy but doing it in real life can be tough and for some, a source of bitter disappointment. Fighting a big fish can

August 1, 2018

Want to get the kids hooked on fishing? Here’s our top tips to make fishing with kids a success.

The memory of your first fishing trip with your parents may be inspiring you to get the kids involved, or perhaps you’ve taken up angling as an adult and now you want to show your

July 25, 2018

Want to Improve Your Boat’s Range and Fuel Efficiency?

All boats need a little TLC and performance improvement over time. Maintaining your boat doesn’t have to be complicated, and a few small tweaks will have you getting the most out of

July 20, 2018

How the Moon Affects Fishing Success

If you’ve been involved in angling for some time now, chances are you’ve heard about the moon phases and how they can affect your fishing success. But does it, really? This article

July 19, 2018

You Can’t Do That Here: Fishing Traditions and Laws Around the World

"Wait, I can’t do this here?" Chances are you have probably blurted this question out before when you’ve been fishing in a different part of the world. Truth be told, each place

July 12, 2018

Interesting Facts About Sailfish: Ocean’s Fast and Furious

It’s the sailfish season here in the South Pacific so perfect timing to create a post about this very beautiful ocean creature. In this post, let’s discuss some interesting facts

July 11, 2018