On this remote expedition anglers were able to truly experience the incredible scenery Vanuatu has to offer and immerse themselves in the island way of life, whilst tackling some high adrenaline sport fishing. Our guides Andrea Traverso and Eric Festa’s goal was to create an exciting expedition, extreme challenges and above all, a memorable adventure. This group set out to fish some of Vanuatu’s most challenging seamounts and untouched locations, with the main target species of Giant Trevally and Dogtooth Tuna set in their sights. This was achieved with plenty of doggies landed on topwater, smaller ones on jigs with some monsters winning the day yet again. This trip also saw an abundance GT’s landed in the 25kg+ range. Anglers were kept on their toes daily with a variety of other pelagic sport fish as well, ensuring there was never a dull moment. Check out the trip pics and huge catches in the image gallery below.

Born and raised in Vanuatu, Andrea Traverso’s bio speaks volumes for his passion for all styles of fishing. Andrea has pioneered the Vanuatu popping and jigging scene, successfully targeting dogtooth and GT’s, two of his favourite species. He has refined his techniques covering heavy tackle, saltwater fly, light tackle, live baiting, Andrea’s European background and cultural influences means he fluently speaks English, French, Italian and Bislama/Pidgin, very handy for adventures to remote islands and villages! He’s also made time along the way to fit in a degree in Marine Biology to further increase his knowledge of the ocean.

There have never been any studies made on doggies. But by experience, we found out that they can be caught from depth as shallow as 1m all the way down to 350m. They are mostly night feeders but also can feed quite actively during the day. Nobody knows anything about their migrations but to my opinion they are semi-pelagic. They do travel a lot but maybe not a big distance like Yellowfins and other big tunas. They can be seen by the hundreds on the reefs at some periods and completely disappear at others. They can be caught using metal jigs, casting topwater lures, trolling divers and livebaiting. They generally will always be found on the same spots so we go from spot to spot to find them. They are present all year round with periods where they are more prolific but those periods are never the same from year to year. As a guide, Andrea has encountered numerous beast over his career but his most memorable highlight was last year when one of our Ocean Blue angler, Michael Bonnici beat his PB with a 101kg dogtooth on jig. Get him talking on the subject and you’ll hear it in his voice, see it in his eyes and learn how to use brains as well as muscle to find & land that next Vanuatu 102kg plus dogtooth.

It’s ironic how you feel most alive when your heart skips a few beats especially when chasing your dream fish. This is what Scott Fowler had to say about his recent trip with Ocean Blue: “Just wanted to advise that we all had an excellent trip and awesome time in great company. The boys worked so hard to get us on the fish.” catches included Wahoo up To 35kg + targeted on trolling.
Solid dogtooth up to 25kg +. 11 of them lost to sharks and the rest simply unstoppable. these were targeted on jigs and bait. Other catches included yellowfin from up to 28kg on poppers along with ample of by catch of rainbow runners, red bass and green jobfish. Overall a cool trip enjoyed by all.

“Thanks to the Ocean Blue for an awesome trip.”

Scott Fowler – New Zealand

Nothing like having a decent fish at the end of your line to get that heart pumping and adrenalin going.

Once hooked up you become fearless and wanting more. If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal in catching that dream fish as the reward is priceless.

We had the pleasure in welcoming four experienced anglers to Trees and Fishes for an all round adventure. Anglers targeted a variety of pelagic sport fish all within easy reach of our Trees and Fishes Anglers Retreat. Variety of species including yellowfin, mahi mahi, wahoo, and dogtooth.

“We really appreciated our stay at Trees & Fishes and fishing with Ocean Blue.”

Øyvind Høier

Nothing like a chance to step away from everyday life and reconnect with the people closest to you; a time to relax, to be the real you, or indeed to be whoever you want to be. And once ticked from the bucket list, holidays can leave you with a life long happy memories for all to reflect upon over & over again. We recently had the pleasure in welcoming the Van Weeran family to Trees and Fishes for a 7 nights, 4 1/2 days Bluewater fishing adventure. Over the edge with Ocean Blue guide, Andrea Traverso saw father & sons land a bucket load of species, experience new challenges and sharing ample of happiness together.

“We had a great time, thank you to all.”

Helen Van Weeran – Australia

Over the last few weeks the fishing has been really hot. With plenty of big wahoo’s landed which became annoying at times for anglers as they interfered when chasing other species (a good problem to have I guess). Sailfish have also been plenty full with fish raised on poppers, trolling ballyhoo and live baiting. Other species included GTs and doggies on minnows and livebait. Some of the highlights have been solid yellowfin landed on popper along with mahi mahi fever around our FAD’s. These red hot peaks should continue over the next few months.

“Well done to all involved. Totally awesome adventure. Had a ball and will be back!”

Robert Jennings

With the water temperature cooling down Anglers have been funding some consistent bites on topwater and trolling over the past weeks. Anglers have been finding some good success and the hot spots around our FAD’s and along our coastlines where the waters are looking pretty clear with some fiesty strikes. With anglers working the poppers, stick baits, live baits and rapala, some of the catches included yellowfin (25-65kg+), wahoo (10-18kg), mahi mahi, blue marlin (280kg+) and GT’s. Anglers also reported a lot of by catches such as humber jacks, job fish and coral trout (28kg). below are some of the Anglers catches.

“Awesome experience all round in every aspects. Perfect location with fish right at your doorstep. Everything about this place is perfect. Had a great time and outstanding professional service from all”

Benjamin Quinlivan – Perth – Australia

In May, 12 mates embarked on an fishing adventure to Vanuatu with us.

Three Edgewater centre console, one location, Trees and Fishes (Ocean Blue anglers lodge), six crew and 12 anglers made for a wonderful trip, filled with endless laughter, hot bluewater fishing action and even the odd prank! An all round fun adventure with a few bucket list fish species now being ticked off including a Rays Bream, GT, 50kg+ Yellowfin, Blue & Striped marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and more.

“We had a great time. We will be back”

Ben Dixon

The last few weeks have seen some hot Blue marlin fishing with boats raising anything from 1 to 10 marlin a day, a good part of that on some of our newly deployed FADs.

Same time last year it was the beginning of 2 full months of crazy yellowfin fishing and that this year has shown to be the same. The Wahoo and Mahi Mahi have arrived early, due to sudden water temperature drop, with the guides targeting these species on topwater around our FADS.

Check out below latest anglers catches!

“Winter through to Spring is looking like a promising season with plenty of fish to be targeted. So see you soon in Vanuatu.”