Sport Fishing Vanuatu – Having a Go!

On the morning of day 1 we took Ocean Blue’s new boat, our second big 32ft EdgesWater 'Al Dente', to sportfish Vanuatu's deep reefs and islands. Our target was dogtooth tuna, the

February 12, 2013

High Octane Sailfish Adventure

It seems like an odd combination from opposite ends of the world but last week’s Asia adventure perfectly combined Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, world class entertainment, abundant

October 5, 2012

Tree’s & Fishes Vanuatu, the Perfect Angler’s Getaway!

Many anglers would know the simple anglers lodge at Rana Beach back from when Ocean Blue founder, Remy Frouin, put gamefishing Vanuatu on the map almost 2 decades ago. With the

April 3, 2012

Drinking Cocktails When I Should Be Fishing

My all-time biggest fishing mistake was neglecting to pack any fishing gear for my recent endless long weekender trip to Ratua Private Island, just off Espiritu Santo in

December 14, 2009