Corona Virus Advisory

Recognising the ongoing uncertainty due to coronavirus (COVID-19), here’s an update on the current status and actions we are taking in response to the current situation.

Currently, Vanuatu is COVID-19 FREE, but borders remain closed to international travellers. Subsequently our Vanuatu accommodation and fishing operation is temporarily suspended.

We are in constant discussions with government officials and industry representatives. We understand the Vanuatu government is working on their re-opening roadmap. As with most countries that have already re-opened, vaccine rates are key to unlocking borders. It is also true, jurisdictions that have not been affected by Covid 19 including Vanuatu, have experienced a level of vaccine hesitancy. Rest assured there are a number of initiatives in place encouraging vaccination take up.

We are keeping a close eye on developments and will be ready to welcome our guests back to our island paradise as soon as possible.

Supporting your plans

Guests who are impacted by the current travel restrictions will automatically receive a full credit. Guests will have the option to secure or re-secure new dates or hold onto their credit. You are able to hold onto your credit and re-secure new dates upon confirmation of Vanuatu’s border re-opening to international travellers.

There is no time limit or deadline on when credits can be used. Reservations will be subject to availability at the time of booking. We also understand the pent up demand to travel as the world re-opens. We are working on increasing our capacity to welcome you all at the earliest possible time.

Fish with Confidence

We also want to re-assure you that Ocean Blue is well-equipped to sustain a crisis of this kind, and operate successfully moving forward.

Ocean Blue was founded by innovative individuals, and has been built from the ground up and able to be nimble and become sustainable in this current environment.

So don’t let the fear and uncertainty deter you from talking to us and booking your future adventure! We will soon be launching our new online platform offering exciting experiences to Vanuatu and a number of new and exciting destinations.

We also wish to thank all of you who have supported Ocean Blue and been patient during this period. We look forward to welcoming you back to our angling paradise soon.

We see the current situation as a challenge, however, we also view it as short-term in the bigger scheme of things. Your next Ocean Blue adventure will outlive the current COVID 19 crisis!

We’d like to sincerely thank you for your trust and support and we look forward to welcoming you to Ocean Blue soon. Until then let’s please remember, while we’re all impacted by this unprecedented event, let’s be kind to each other and SHARE OUR LOVE OF FISHING!

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The Ocean Blue Team.