Exploring new fishing territory is the dream of most travelling angler’s, so you can imagine the excitement of the 7 anglers that accompanied me on our first exploratory expedition. The week didn’t dissapoint, the exhileration of getting smashed time and time again was somewhat soothed by the more manageable fish bought boatside.

The plan was to fish new territory, grounds that looked promising on the map but have never been fished. The danger with this type of exploratory fishing is it could be hot or maybe not! We were heading to fish the west coast of Malekula. With a number of islands and reef systems that looked great we didn’t know what to expect.

Any reservations we had were soon dispelled within minutes of arriving where our first encounters on jigs ended in despair. The rest of the week aboard both our EW32’s were emotion packed from high fives to mammoth encounters ending in tears. When you fish a location where dogtooth launch themselves out of the water, popper in mouth and then bust you off in 8 metres of water, you know you’re in a special place. Check out some of the pics below.

Just got back from the exploratory expedition, my first time in Vanuatu.We had an amazing time from getting smashed by GTs, Doggies, Coral trout, so much fun. Not to mention living on board Rendezvous a great home to come back too a great time with a great bunch of blokes. Thank you Anthony, Andrea, Eric, Errol, Steve, Tom and Tony for a truly amazing holiday.

Nelson Dueza

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