Grant Dixon

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New Caledonia’s Trophy GTs (Part 1)
Article by Grant Dixon, published in New Zealand Fishing News

Prior to my first New Caledonia experience targeting their trophy giant trevally with poppers, I never realised just how technical this form of fishing could be. In the past I had been content to rip out the cast and then bring the lure back to the boat with a series of jerks, interspersed with some furious winding. The process would be repeated until either a fish was raised or it all became far too taxing on ageing muscles. However, after fishing with Etienne Picquel, operator of Blue Caledonie Fishing Trips, I now know very differently. In addition to having a comprehensive knowledge of the grounds and the target species, Etienne is also a patient teacher who’s prepared to pass on what he knows to those prepared to listen. And it pays to listen closely. More here

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Fantastic trip with 5 star, fishing, crew, accommodation and meals. An excellent way to kick off one of the “bucket list” items. Sensational way to spend a week. We will definitely return.


Chris & Darren Ryan Australia

Amazing fishing, food and staff. Jeanine is amazing. We will be back.


Kim & Richard Frizell Broom – Australia
August 1, 2011