The Perfect Gift
Surprise the angler in the family, partner or your best fishing buddy. Give the gift of adventure.
Buy With Confidence
Gift Cards are valid to redeem until 31st December 2023.
What can I buy with a gift card?
Gift cards can be used toward any of our 5 night/4 day Vanuatu fishing expeditions! View our adventures here

Can I purchases more than 1 gift card
Yes you can.

How do recipients redeem their gift card?
Simply complete one of our Adventure booking forms, add the gift card “number” into the PROMO/GIFT CARD CODE field and we’ll get back to you to finalise your adventure and apply the gift card value to the reservation.

Can I redeem a bonus/discounted gift card on other discounted or pre-booked adventures?
Bonus or discounted gift cards cannot be redeemed against any Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures discounted trips, promotional offers or pre-existing reservations.

When do recipients need to redeem the gift card for travel?
Vouchers are valid for redemption and travel by 31/12/2023.

Is there a block out period?
There is NO block out period. Just book your spots on any of our available scheduled dates.

Can recipients redeem gift cards to book multiple adventures?
Yes they can. Recipients can redeem up to the total value of their gift card spread over multiple adventures. If a recipient has more than 1 gift card, they can redeem 1 gift card for each trip.

Are there any other conditions?
Yes. Reservations are also subject to our standard Booking Conditions. View Here.