What an Excellent Place, We will Definitely be Back!

Had a fabulous time, Trees and Fishes is stunning and the staff were excellent. Angele runs the show perfectly. Great food & fantastic fishing well guided. What and excellent place, we will definately be back.

Vickie and Fraser Simpson
November 24, 2013

Great Time, Good Fishing and Fantastic Food!

Had a great time, with good fishing and fantastic food. Met some good people!

Chris Rollinson
New Zealand
November 24, 2013

Experience was Phenomonal!

Visited for 4 days, experience was phenomonal. The team, the lodge, the boats are fantastic. Trees and Fishes is a Piece of Heaven in Vanuatu. Thank You

Nando and Sarah Barnett
November 24, 2013

Great Fishing, Great Dining and Relaxation was Enjoyed!

Just a quick note to thank you for our recent stay at Trees & Fishes Resort. Great fishing, great dining and relaxation was enjoyed, providing a perfect way to combine our father/son 50th & 18th birthdays. Your assistance with the extra tasks of the Diving Trip, Off-road Buggies & Port Vila Accommodation certainly made things easier for us. Thank You once again to yourself and staff/crew.

Paul Mazengarb
November 24, 2013

I would strongly recommend a stay at Trees and Fishes as this place is worth coming back to!

Thanks to Angele and staff for welcoming us like family, we felt like we had only been gone for a week or so not 12 months. Also skipper Andrea' is the kind of bloke that isn't happy until you are catching fish, this bloke knows this place like the back of his hand. I would strongly recommend a stay at Trees and Fishes as this place is worth coming back to. Organizing this trip with Ocean Blue was so easy, David in their Sydney office allowed us to make up our own group and then they did the rest. Thanks guys a Simply stunning location, fantastic food, great boats and crews, what more could you want.

Craig Arthurs
November 22, 2013

The Fishing Was Mind Blowing!

My wife isn't a huge fisher, so Trees and Fishes was intended to be "my" part of the holiday - but my wife loved it - she thought the resort was very romantic. She'd definitely go back now (whereas she was reluctant when we booked it). Trees and Fishes is very, very secluded, and a very nice resort. Aside from the fishing (I'll get to that) the food is AMAZING. Dinner consists of three courses - with dishes like smoked marlin salad, dogtooth tuna steaks, chicken curries, yellowfin sashimi, sorbets, orange cake, I could go on and on!! Its astonishingly tasty and immaculately presented - even more impressive given the standard of food at other Vanuatu venues, and the remoteness from Port Vila. The food really makes it a special experience and a memorable resort. We had 4 days on the small boat (the 17 footer) with Stefan our guide. On calm days the small boat can go to the FADs of which there are several. As I'm a Victorian, the fishing was mind blowing. Mahi mahi, yellowfin, wahoo at the FADs (with tons of sharks) and dogtooth tuna and Coral trout.

Sammy Isreb
November 19, 2013

Had a ball!

Great service and I would recommend this trip to anyone!

Chris Locke
November 17, 2013

Highly Recommend – an amazing week – the fishing resort deserving of a Michelin Star

My wife and I stayed at Trees and Fishes for 6 nights in October 2013 as part of a three week trip to Vanuatu (rest of the time we stayed at Paradise Cove Resort - highly recommend also, and Erakor Island - avoid, see our review). Firstly - the resort. Its in a secluded part of Efate, namely Port Havannah. This, together with the very small size of the resort, makes it a very, very relaxing venue. The resort itself is beautiful, some OK snorkelling out front. The rooms are nice, though are more set up for groups than couples (we had a queen size bed and two doubles in ours). That said, the rooms are still very nice, with a great "feature" bathroom. Now onto the food - this was the real surprise - WOW. Dinner consists of three courses - and invariably all three are not only immaculately presented, but sublime. I've never been served food this good at a "beach resort" - we're talking quality which is starting to approach some pretty "name" Sydney / Melbourne restaurants. What makes this even more amazing is the remote location of the resort, the general availability of ingredients in Vanuatu, and how much better the dining is in Trees and Fishes from other all other places in Vanuatu. The courses are typically one seafood (with some real gems like copious quantities of very fresh yellowfin sashimi with a myriad of dipping sauces, grilled dogtooth tuna steaks, mahi mahi curry) one "land animal" (great steaks, amazing chicken curry, etc..) and dessert (my favourite was the trio of sorbets which were amazing). Breakfasts were also worthy of a mention (poached eggs just right, some amazing bacon, simple but outstanding - they really do know how to cook). Service is exceptional (local Janine is amazing, so friendly and helpful, as s owner Angle). Onto the fishing - we had 4 days on the little 17 footer with a guide named Stefan, and it definitely exceeded expectations. Two days were reasonably windy weather so we were limited to inshore areas (with decent fishing - the dogtooth tuna got the better of me - damn they are strong and those pesky sharks....) but the other two allowed us to venture to two FADs - and the result was fishing I've never experienced the likes of - tons of yellowfin, mahi mahi, wahoo, getting sharked, catching sharks (prepare to lose a fair bit of tackle, but all good fun), by the end we couldn't move we were so sore. If you charter the 32 footers you wont be a the mercy of the weather and probably can get the FAD most days I'd imagine. Stefan was a great guide, and a really nice guy. The only fish I'd had on the list to catch which I didn't was a GT (didn't see any) though the ridiculous quantities of every other tropical species known to man more than made up for this!! Whilst not the world's cheapest holiday, its a definite "must do" experience - you won't ever forget the memorable fishing and food. Definitely somewhere couples can go (given the quality of the resort, and the great food - its not just about the fishing, but you wont top that either). Hopefully we'll get to repeat in the not too distant future!!

November 7, 2013

I’d highly recommend the mother ship operation

I fished with Ocean Blue as a paying punter. Every variable that can be controlled was excellent, the food was great, the boats are awesome, the mood on board was relaxed and happy and the fishing was great! Dogtooth tuna are one of the toughest fish in the ocean on a jig rod, and after being smashed up, wiped out and destroyed by monsters we did manage a few hundred pounders, but I reckon there’s a few double that size that will need sorting out next year. I’ve been to lots of places but this trip was up there with the best of the best and the big cat makes a great mother ship. A five star operation that I have no hesitation recommending, and a totally professional operation. Hadn’t seen Eric Festa for 20 years and it was great to fish with him again!

David Green (Fishing World magazine)
September 19, 2013