A memory that will last forever

We had the best dam time and caught the biggest fish. Ian still has a smile from ear to ear, planning his next trip back. PS: the highlight of our holiday ..... a memory that will last forever. Thank you again

Ian Godwin and Michele Betts
January 28, 2019

Anglers Paradise

Absolute magical place to relax and unwind after a full day on the water. Excellent food and facsilities that match the service provdided by the crew. Definetly a place to bring the wife as well, who wont go the day without anything today.

NickHam Smith
December 3, 2018

The trip was one of the best in the world we have done

The food fantastic staff excellent the facilities perfect. The fishing side of things was World class as well Dick and Alex we quite professional in their manner but still able to interact with us on a personal level which was appreciated. You have no worries leavening Janine in charge she was wonderful and looked after us like kings . Thank you all.

Shaun Maxfield
November 26, 2018

What u do day in day out is unbelievable

I'd just like 2 say a huge thank you 2 ocean blue,what u do day in day out is unbelievable,and a massive thankyou 2 janine and the crew on the resort,that's what's makes us hit it up every year, thanks guys.

Ben Gray
November 19, 2018

We all had a wonderful time.

Jeanine was a great host. As was the rest of the staff. Lawrence and Harry were hard working to please us on the boat. We are already planning our next trip. Stay tuned.

Rod Dufficy
November 19, 2018

Vanuatu has it all

Exciting fishing, a South Seas setting, marvelous cuisine with a French influence and a warm, gentle-hearted native population. Sounds like paradise to me!

Marsha Bierman
November 13, 2018

Fantastic fishing, location and people.

If your thinking about booking with Ocean Blue at Trees and Fishes, do it. Fantastic fishing, location and people. The lads had a great time, thanks again!

Patrick Cooper
November 9, 2018

See you again next year

A big shout out to skipper Lawrence who worked hard putting me on the doggies yesterday, 4-4-0 at 2:30. At 3pm to be smashed on stand up 30 wide gear locked on near sunset that took 200 metres of what we we thought was the trophy fish turned out to be a 80kg + shark, great day, see you again next year

Andrew Hawes
November 6, 2018

Very lucky experience

I had an amazing day outing with Ocean Blue, very lucky experience. Will definitely be back to fish with the team in the future.

Adam Kelly
October 26, 2018