We had the pleasure in welcoming back Stuart Tait to Trees and Fishes, this time accompanied by his wife Joanna, son Archie & fiancee Louise, & goods friends Ian & Ruth Gough. The 3 x couples experienced the natural beauty, culture and excitement of Vanuatu to the fullest, both on and off the water!

Their adventure started with a once in a lifetime experience, travelling to the island of Pentecost, Maewo, famous throughout the world for the land diving ritual (Nagol or N’gol) which occurs every Saturday between April and June. The awe-inspiring ceremony celebrates the yam harvest and is a fertility rite for males, & sees local men as well as boys as young as seven jump from a 20 to 30 metre high manmade tower with only a vine attached to their legs. No words can describe the intensity, the ground vibrating under the dancing and stomping feet of villagers, the excitement from beneath the tower watching each diver plummet towards the earth, stopping mere inches from impact.

Back to more serene location, Trees & Fishes, the avid anglers chased marlin, sailfish, wahoo and plenty of yellowfin tuna, providing the resort with sashimi for lunches & dinners. Congratulations to Ian for landing a 35kg yellowfin tuna on popper.

Joanna & Archie had some great scuba dives, again around the islands just opposite from the lodge. The group made the most of their time seeing a lot of the culture & island, aswell as relaxing and being spoilt at Trees & Fishes.

Their adventure continued on to Tanna, so called the Island of Fire as Mt Yasur is the most accessible, active volcano in the world, an awesome spectacle to climb and watch this force of nature.

For us it was a pleasure hosting these 3 couples, who embraced life like it should be, and the Ocean Blue team would like to wish Archie & Louise the very best for their wedding in October.

“Thank you for looking after us a wonderful holiday, filled with excitement, tranquility and 5 star service”

Joanna Tait-Australia

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