Rob reports from Rompin where the Sails are simply a blast…

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Rob Chang reports on his fishing trip of last week with Paul Caughlan (returned OB client) and his grandsons 1st time chasing the Malaysia sailfish.

Day 1: All is good here and not a bad day out at sea…landed 6 Sail n one double hook up, lost 4 Sails.
All sail landed by he boys, Jack( 14 years old) and Tom( 12 years old)…3 Sails each. They had a blast out at sea today….hope the next few days will bring more Sails and fun for  the guys.

Day 2: The boys got 6 Sails today, landed 4 n 2 pulled hook at boatside…lost 10. They had a good time today and with god’s blessing, hope we’ll catch more Sails the next 2 days.

Day 3: Day of lost fishes….lost all except one Baby Sail….my Saltiga Z4500 got striped by a passing boat….lol. Did slow trolling with teaser 4 strikes and no hook up…that’s fishing guys…

Day 4: One double headed and one by Tom, 3 total. By catch, one Spanish mackerel.


Enjoy the pictures.

Rob Chang, Ocean Blue Malaysia
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Rob reports from Rompin where the Sails are simply a blast…

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