Vanuatu LOB – Andrea Fishing Report

Three of Ocean Blue VIP clients recently spent 5 days on a living board trip fishing the islands of Vanuatu.

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Day 1, The plan was to troll all the way to Epi in order to spend the night in lamen bay. We started fishing at 7 am and at 8:30am we were hooked to small blue marlin on 50lb stand-up. After a 45 min fight, we got the fish to the boat and tagged Rich’s first blue marlin.

Day 2, whilst trolling around Port Havannah the anglers hooked up some yellowfin and tried their luck jigging aroung Nugna where Paddy (returned OB client) caught a nice coral trout on popper.

Day 3, saw more popping around Undine Bay for Red Bass and Blue Fin trevally then it was time for live baiting for some almighty dogtooth where a big doggy was sharked just at the boat.

Day 4, After missing on that big dogtooth the day before and with the angler’s adrenaline pumping it was time to try for some more doggie on bait, jigs and soft plastic at Scott’s rock. After loosing a dozen or so dogtooth, Clive (returned OB client) managed to land one whilst jigging. That afternoon whilst trolling towards monument rock Clive tagged a nice 120kg blue marlin (clive’s first marlin) with another marlin strike on the way back to Port-Havanna.

Day 5, We started by fishing around Hat island and while we were trolling dead baits and small bait lures on the shotgun a big doggie hate them and after a 200m run, broke the leader. Then it was time to experience the FAD. At the FAD we had a marlin strike then we saw a floating marlin on the surface so I took it and put it in the boat (he was around 180kgs). Around the FAD Richard (OB returned client) hooked a 20kg yellowfin and a nice bull mahi mahi.

What a way to finish up this fishing adventure!
Andrea Traverso

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Vanuatu LOB – Andrea Fishing Report

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