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Travel again? Why you should start to plan your trips now

Should you start to book future trips? After a long period of staying at home, we look at the reasons anglers will need to start planning their future travel.

With travel restrictions in almost every country in the world, and community quarantine keeping everyone at home, planning a trip can feel pointless.

But the adventurer deep inside each and everyone of us yearns for a trip, to plan and dream about while stuck at home.

Flexibility is a must

Booking travel now can feel iffy and risky but there are a lot of ways to secure great deals that offer customers flexibility and peace of mind.

Soon borders will start opening, but a lot of businesses and operators are now accepting bookings and reservations up to a year or more in advance.

With all these deals popping up here and there, there is plenty of reason to research and plan for your next 2021 or even 2022 adventure.

Similar to our recent “book now, fish later”  program, there are plenty of great deals that give savvy travellers the opportunity to secure a deal of a lifetime.

The Buy Now, Stay Later campaign hopes to provide a win-win for both travellers and hotels by selling what they call “hotel bonds.”

The idea is you purchase a $100 bond now, and after sixty days it will mature into a $150 credit which you can use when you are able to travel again. This is a very attractive offer.

The bond program helps hotels secure future reservations, and travellers get a great deal to claim when they’re ready to travel. Not all hotels are part of this program so make sure you check out their website to see if your favourite hotels are included in the list.

A common sight is the term Risk-Free Reservations. This concept offers clients with special deals and more flexible travel policies like what we offer below.

Book now, fish later

ocean blue fishing adventure

The book now, fish later offer works under a simple principle – book a highly discounted trip now, receive a voucher, then select dates and travel later. This program offers guests a great deal now. Flexibility allow guests up to the 31st of December 2022 to travel and redeem their reservation.


Thinking ahead has never been more important. Tourism operators have guests backed up and have been re-scheduling postponed bookings. Getting your ideal dates will become more and more difficult. Dates and availability might be the least of your worries now, but once the first gate of travel opens, the fast and prepared will secure dates in no time. This pandemic will pass, and when it does, anglers will be hungry to catch up on lost time.

Finances are next. With most barely surviving without work, saving up for the trip plus the other expenses is next in the priority list.

fishing trip packing for future trips

Your unopened and unused tackle and gear will have had a full season’s worth of dust collecting in your closet so it’s time to bring out the feather duster. Identify your trip goals and pack accordingly.

Check out our sample packing list to find out how we pack for an Extreme GT and Dogtooth Adventure.

Here at Ocean Blue, while we may not be out fishing, our team have been working hard to upgrade our facilities, ready for the rush.

Our fishing adventures are timeless. Dream Now, Fish Later. We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you are looking for a true sport fishing company that offers you more than just a Vanuatu fishing adventure, look no further than Ocean Blue Fishing.

Call us now at (AU) 1300 564 616 or at (INTL) +61 436 020322 or you may also contact us through our website at https://oceanbluefishing.com/enquire

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Travel again? Why you should start to plan your trips now

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