2 Days of GT Mayhem in Vanuatu…

Have just returned from a great time fishing Vanuatu on Ocean Blue’s 32 foot Edgewater, Azzurra.. For 2 days I fished the amazing waters that surround the northern areas of the island of Efate.

The first day was spent light tackle fishing some inshore waters which resulted in a few nice reefies and a decent trevally, not a GT, possibly a bludger?

Day two arrived and we began our journey to a seamount to try our luck at jigging doggies. After a short time jigging working a fast drift, the decision was made to go in search of some GT’s, casting poppers & stickbaits on heavy gear. The area we fished was a reefy area with many isolated bommies which led to a deep channel in between islands.

It only took a few casts to tempt this 40kg beast out from its reefy lair.

Awesome way to open the account and already beaten my existing personal best by a few kg’s.

We slowly powered further down the reef where I cast toward a group of bommies that looked very fishy, a GT that can only be described as unstoppable steam trained with my favourite wahoo gt3 popper straight into the shallows shredding my line on one the jagged bommies. We got a glimpse of this fish when it grabbed the popper and it was nothing short of huge.

We restarted the run down the reef again and not far down I picked up this little guy that punched well above his weight and put up a great fight.

As we were reaching the end of the reef I noticed a large amount of nervous bait, so a cast was made right into the middle and after two pops it was annihilated by a massive GT. With deep water all around it was a grinding battle lifting the big fish inch by inch until it was boatside, another PB, over 50kg of pure beauty!

Some quick photos and a speedy release it was high five all around and the perfect way to end a truly epic days fishing.

It was great to have a world class charter option in a family friendly environment so close to home. I would like to take this chance to thank David and Andrea from Ocean Blue for making this trip so memorable, I’ll certainly be back!

David Lorenzato,

November 2012

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2 Days of GT Mayhem in Vanuatu…

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