A “Key” Adventure 11 mates Fishing Vanuatu

It was over a year ago when Leon Key (well travelled angler) first contacted Ocean Blue to arrange a bluewater sports fishing adventure to Vanuatu. This adventure consisted of 11 mates including John Horton, Andrew Gormanns, David Hill, Martin Parker, Matt Gallichio, Haydn O’Leary, Dominic McGrath, Harbir Khurana, Robert Ricupero, Chris Tsalamangos and Leon Key.

Taking time off from our day to day lives means time away from work, family commitments and time preparing to make it all possible and worth while.

Despite all the pre preparation, was this trip worth the wait?

The mission for the week for our 3 Ocean Blue guides, Eric Festa, Stephen Moderan and Andrea Traverso was to get all 11 men onto any kind of fish whether it be on bluewater chasing blue marlin and yellowfin, jigging and popping for GT’s and doggies or bottom bashing for reef species.

The week saw Robert land one of his long time dream fish, a 80kg blue marlin & an 18kg+ coral trout on 150g jig. Chris who has fished throughout the south pacific for doggies landed his 1st one ever this week on a 200g jig. On topwater, David landed a 25kg yellowfin tuna with his father’s rod & reel that he had borrowed for the week. Matt Gallichio was re united with his A$130 popper that he thought he had lost to shark, then managed to catch the same shark a day later and retrieved his popper. Not so big an ocean after all.

Vanuatu’s islands are dormant volcanoes (a few still active), the marine charts & seabed shows current fed pinnacles, seamounts, reefs and drop offs beside steep islands that rise steeply out of deep cobalt water, perfect hunting environment for the many packs of fish species that can be found in our waters including our dogtooth tuna. Doggies will smash metal jigs worked fast & deep, raise to surface poppers & stick baits, plus hit a range of trolling lures. They will gobble a soft plastic presented on light tackle and they can’t resist a sizeable live or dead bait down rigged in the zone, so rainbow runners, jellybean yellowfin tuna, even smaller dogtooth get chomped.

Nothing this good comes easy however despite the many bust offs, broken backs persistence and determination saw the guys manage some nice doggies on jigs.

Other rewards included golden mahi mahi, green GT caught on jig, monster coral trout, 10kg skipjack and red bass. Off the water the gentlemen enjoyed Trees and Fishes facilities, it’s gourmet dinners, cold drinks and each one were treated like royalty, with the team looking after their every need.

We’re glad the trip was worth the wait and enjoyed by all. John Horton rated his Ocean Blue experience as AAA.

It surely was our pleasure in hosting the guys and sharing our little piece of paradise with them all.

An outstanding venue in a magnificent location. Fishing was extremely well organised with great boats and good equipment. Looking forward to coming back soon.

Leon Key – Victoria

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A “Key” Adventure 11 mates Fishing Vanuatu

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