A New Chapter in Sports Fishing Vanuatu…

More & more anglers have been getting their arms stretched by big GT’s and dogtooth tuna in Vanuatu than ever seen before! As an all out popping and jigging destination, sportfishing Vanuatu now has a lot to offer.

It’s not that the fish have suddenly appeared, however targeting them and converting chances is what it’s all about when doing battle with these 2 powerful reef adversaries.

Over the last 18 months Ocean Blue guides Andrea Traverso & Eric Festa have put countless anglers on to trophy fish, with GT’s over 50kg becoming a regular occurance and dogtooth tuna between 30-60kg being landed on poppers. There are bigger fish regularly encountered defeating both tackle and angler but it won’t be long before 100kg + dogtooth will be bought boatside.

Could this be you?

We’ve been hosting anglers of all ages & levels of experience and backgrounds, from popping and jigging first-timers through to seasoned experts with the skill & knowledge that comes with years of experience. All of them have loved the Trees & Fishes Lodge experience plus the sportfishing & variety available from the tranquil angler lodge base.

The recent October & November scheduled trips which coincided with the onset of warm tropical waters really turned on the topwater action.

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As can be expected, the fitter and more experienced anglers have been converting more opportunities particularly on the most powerful & bigger fish. Big GT’s and dogtooth aren’t easy….or forgiving!

Fortunately there are a range of options & locations for those who want to mix it up with a bit of variety.

But for those chasing monster class GT’s and dogtooth in the one location, no need to travel across the world, Vanuatu is the place for the chance to join the 60kg club!

Ocean Blue Vanuatu

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A New Chapter in Sports Fishing Vanuatu…

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