fishing in bluewater

Amazing Variety from Reef to BlueWater in 1 Itinerary

Variety is the Spice of Life, and that is particularly the case when fishing from our lodge Trees & Fishes.

With such a diverse & exciting fishery so close by, with so many species on offer, it’s 1 adventure where you experience superb inshore tropical sport fishing aswell as world class bluewater game fishing all in the 1 itinerary.

A popular scenario is for larger groups having 2 or 3 boats and tailoring each day so those anglers focused on GT’s, reefs and topwater casting are on 1 vessel, while those keen on bluewater action, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, blue marlin and mahi mahi plot their course accordingly. 

That’s a rough guide to the day anyway. With such deep water so close to steep volcanic islands, it’s only ever a short run if you choose to put down the casting rod, break out the jigging gear, put a game spread out, or down rig a bait down over seamounts to go toe to toe with those ballistic big dogtooth. 

Then with radio contact between the boats, our guides are either helping each other or sharing real time catch reports as each new species or fish comes onboard.

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Amazing Variety from Reef to BlueWater in 1 Itinerary

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