The Vanuatu Fishing Experience feat. Brooksy

Wonder how the fishing is like here in Vanuatu? Check out one of Brooksy’s compilation videos from last year to showcase what the Ocean Blue experience is like.

Pre-breakfast fishing a couple of miles from shore, dogtooth tuna hunting, and marlin fishing with the misso, Brooksy has gotten us frothing after watching this awesome video.

If you are keen to join him on a hosted trip, make sure you follow both Brooksy’s and our social media pages for announcements. Also subscribe to his YouTube channel for more epic fishing adventures!

On the topic of bringing the misso with you on a trip, we currently have an amazing offer for the couples out there wanting to get their arms stretched.

oceanblue promo fishing

$10 Stay and Fish Sale

We have a $10 Stay and Fish Sale going which is a deal that you would not want to miss! The deal is you book a 5-night trip for 2, but only pay $10 for your partner or friend.

Yep, you’ve read this right! $10 for your partner! Visit our website for more details about this awesome deal. Sale ends on the 30th of June so act fast!

If you are looking for a true sport fishing company that offers you more than just a Vanuatu fishing adventure, look no further than Ocean Blue Fishing. Learn more about our $10 Stay and Fish Sale for a deal of a lifetime! 

Call us now at (AU) 1300 564 616 or at (INTL) +61 436 020322 or you may also contact us through our website at

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The Vanuatu Fishing Experience feat. Brooksy

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