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Inside Knowledge is Key: Why Fishing Reports Are So Important

You may have seen anglers prepare a report after a long day of fighting a prized catch. But what are they doing exactly? What are they reporting about? What is the importance of their report? In this blog, we will give you some insights on why fishing reports are very important.

What Are Fishing Reports?

A Fishing report is gathered information completed by anglers during a fishing trip. It’s very much like a journal or diary but instead of keeping it mostly private, these reports are intended to be shown and shared to the public. The collected information usually includes the following criteria: weather condition, water depth, wind and time of fishing amongst others.

Fishing reports are used to gauge future fishing trips. Even though reports are written a few days after the actual trip, most anglers will still find them useful and accurate. Information gathered will be used to determine where the best fishing spot to go to will be. And if patterns are consistent each and every fishing season, making fishing reports quite relevant even if it was written a year ago.

For those who are looking for more accurate info and stats, there are reports available made by experts and scientists from the state departments. In fact, some reports include pictures taken during the fishing trips (which include the fish they’ve caught, of course) while some even have satellite images of the areas.

Why Are Fishing Reports Important?

As mentioned, fishing reports are important because they let anglers gauge their future trips’ success rate. Fishing conditions and patterns could change drastically, so fishing reports – regardless of how old or new they are – will help anglers plan what to do next. You may have the best fishing gear and bait but without some sort of cheat code or inside knowledge, you could have a hard time locating the fish.

But are fishing reports thrown away after a season? For the most part, nope. Reports are archived as they may be useful in the coming years to check on previous fishing patterns. For example, you are planning a fishing trip this coming May. In order to increase your success rate for the trip, you can check out last year’s fishing reports for the month of May. That way you won’t be fishing clueless.

And this is the reason why fishing reports are important. If you’re planning to do some fishing in Vanuatu, you can check out and like our Ocean Blue Fishing FB page, we post short fishing reports of our trips.

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Inside Knowledge is Key: Why Fishing Reports Are So Important

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