Grandmother New Caledonia GT – 63kg for Etienne Picquel

Report in from Etienne Picquel who broke his standing GT record with a 145cm 63kg GT, measured, weighed & released from the outer reef, west coast anglers lodge. Here is his report:
“After many opportunities over a long long time we’ve missed too many fish of this range for example the week before with Ocean Blue’s Russia group we lost a bigger one after 17 min fight.. This was the last day of my long summer season but always attentive fishing guide..


New Caledonia 145cm GT
Location: somewhere, outer-reef from Ocean Blue west coast lodges, nice swell, 10 knots, 3 positive anglers on board using both stickbait and poppers to gauge the right choice for the day as always.
Difficult beginning, one big GT on popper show her face strangely but no hook up, but smells good. I try to find the right popper colour and my vibes drive my left hand in my popper bag for the grey silver Cubera 150… always explosive and magic for big Caledonian grandmother. Why full silver colour this day? Because the perfect sun light was effective for only a short moment and best reflection!
Before high tide, the sun shining properly and near the hot spot “big fishes point !!! A strange and quiet attack on the anglers rod, his fight on 14 kg drag taking line quickly and very furiously!

Nine minutes fight to welcomes grand mother onboard !!! Happiness on the boat, very nice and big GT. Michael did a perfect fight, no slack line, good rod angle. Congratulations Michael for your first big GT, your first real fight a true sportsman.

We did some good pictures quickly and took our time to release grand mother back in the ocean paradise !!!

Michael was the most serious, positive and motivated angler – but the least experienced on board.

We caught a few other fishes, bluefin trevally, small GT, red bass, coral trout and everyone happy. Late in the day an enormous grand grand mother follows an Orion Big Nambas but just to protect her territory, no aggression or strike unfortunately. So happy for angler Michael who caught a grand GT and good fish, as well as a 36kg but look very small !!! lolll !!!!

Rod : Smith Offshore stick Yakushima (French series) 7.3
Reel : Saltiga Dogfight
Braid : Berkley Whisplash Crystal 100 LBS 40/100
Shockleader Varivas 140 LBS

Swivel and Split Ring Sébile
Etienne’s own knots

Etienne Picquel, Ocean Blue New Caledonia guide.
March 2012.

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Ocean Blue New Cal 63kg GT

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Grandmother New Caledonia GT – 63kg for Etienne Picquel

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