GT Popping Vanuatu

Giant Trevally are without doubt one of the toughest sportfish found in tropical waters. For anglers, GT popping is all about spectacular strikes, intense powerful fights and a safe release after a quick photo.

It’s great when it all goes to plan, but these majestic fish live around sharp reefs and nasty territory, and instinctively run for cover once hooked. Then the result then is your trophy fish finds it’s freedom, and the angler reaches into his popper collection again for another expensive surface lure.

To target GT’s effectively, having the right tackle, guide and boat positioning techniques is a good start. GT popping Vanuatu is best onboard our 2 x EdgeWater centre consoles, Azzurra or Al Dente. These boats are fast & maneuverable, have a shallow draft, 360 degree walkaround access for anglers and raised casting platform at the bow to assist long casting and best fighting position.

Experienced guides Andrea Traverso and Eric Festa have their favourite spots, both in shallow and deep water around islands, reefs, flats and bommies fed by fast currents. By-catch when GT popping includes Vanuatu’s famous dogtooth tuna plus coral trout, red bass, bluefin trevally etc.

Here are a few recent client captures of solid Vanuatu GT’s from recent groups on our Extreme Dogtooth and GT Popping Safari, and also our Vanuatu Live on Board Expedition. Check our gallery & video’s for trip reports, and join the Ocean Blue Fishing Facebook page to keep in touch with all the latest action!

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GT Popping Vanuatu

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