Ocean Blue Staff Spotlight – Jed Hokins

Introducing Ocean Blue’s recent addition to the team, Operations Manager Jed Hokins. Borrowing the high 5’s concept from our brothers from The Mission Fly Magazine, here are high 5’s with Jed.

What are the 5 best things about where you guide?

  • They have the friendliest people in the world.
  • One of the cleanest places I have ever lived in– absolutely no pollution on and off shore.
  • The variety of fish that are on offer here from the pelagic species to the reef species is incredibly diverse.
  • The boats that we use daily, the 32 foot Edgewater boats, are absolutely mint, coupled with twin Evinrude 250s are absolutely mint. It’s awesome to work for a company that puts the money back into the lodge, infrastructure, and boats in order to make the guest experience truly out of this world.
  • Lastly, the food. I couldn’t believe how good the food was when I first arrived here. The French influence has definitely left its mark on the food scene here. The beer Tuska is pretty damn good too!

What are the 5 items that you don’t leave at home before guiding?

  • Owner split ring pliers. Essential for split rings and removing hooks from fish. A no brainer.
  • Medical kit. Out in the open sea, you can never be too safe.
  • Maui Jim sunnies. Vision is key when out guiding. Clarity is amazing on these things.
  • Snacks (lots and lots of snacks)!
  • A decent attitude (never let the fishing the day before affect your current days fishing).

What are 5 bands you listen to when fishing?

  • Rudimentals
  • Paul Kelly
  • Hilltop Hoods
  • Bliss n Eso
  • Thundamentals

What are 5 indispensable lures you use when fishing with Ocean Blue?

  • Halco popper. Cheap and effective.
  • Nomad madscad. Deceptively effective.
  • Anything Black Ledge gets destroyed!
  • Personal favourite – Patriot Masterbomb.
  • Carpenter sea frog (be careful of the wahoo).

What are the 5 most difficult guiding experiences you’ve ever had?

  • Being connected to a 6-foot oceanic white tip by a 5/0 owner through the joint of my finger. Wasn’t the best day of guiding for me.
  • When a carpenter from London tries to tell you how to chase doggies.
  • When a client got scared and pulled his stick bait out of the water when a doggie the size of a 44-gallon drum came up on it.
  • Non-English speaking guests! Sign language can only take you so far! Trust me.
  • TV shows / filming. Trying to help get the best shots can be utterly frustrating for us as there are heaps of other fish to catch! But I still have fun watching the boys do their thing. Feels especially great to see the final product on TV too!

Give us 5 fish species on your hit list?

  • Giant tarpon
  • Peacock bass
  • Yellowtail kingfish in New Zealand
  • Tiger fish in Africa
  • Nile perch

Give us 5 fishing destinations on your bucket list?

  • Africa. Such a huge country to explore and fish. Definitely on top of my bucket list.
  • South America for Peacocks, wolf fish and other scary looking species.
  • Far reaches of Vanuatu. This place has so much potential for further exploration, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.
  • New Caledonia
  • Kanton atoll. Middle of nowhere, huge angry fish, remote. My cup of tea.

What are your 5 ingredients for an awesome fishing trip?

  • Good attitude
  • Good music
  • Good tides
  • Good mates
  • A couple of beers

What are the 5 common mistakes that fishing guests make?

  • Not working with the guides. We are here to help you catch your fish of a lifetime. Cooperate, have fun and the rest will follow.
  • Assuming that the guide knows what you’re thinking. Communication is key. Talk to us if you feel that something is amiss.
  • Not drinking enough water. Heat stroke is not a joke. I’ve had people feeling crook by midday only to find out that they haven’t had a drink of water. You may not notice the effects of heat stroke but dehydration can pull a sucker punch real quick and ruin your fishing day.
  • Swimming poppers like stick baits and stick baits like gt ice creams. Learn to work your lures to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • When they let one fish that they lost ruin their day and sometimes their entire trip. There are plenty of fish in the sea, surely there will be some that sticks on the hooks. Keep casting!

Name 5 people that you would like to guide/fish with?

  • Nick Stranczyk
  • Luke Wrysta
  • Eddie Lawler
  • Johnny Brooks
  • Nick Cummins (the honey badger)

Keen to fish with Jed? Call us now at Ocean Blue Fishing on (AU) 1300 564 616 / (INTL) +61 436 020 322 or contact us through our website https://www.oceanbluefishing.com/enquire/ so we can plan your trip of a lifetime. We have trips available year round.

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Ocean Blue Staff Spotlight – Jed Hokins

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