Sportfishing Vanuatu – Dogtooth, Spooled Reels & Beaten Anglers!

Day 1: Quick run to our first mark & as soon as the jigs were dropped the boys hooked into some solid dogtooth, got cut off on a few wahoo (landing 1) & pulled in a couple of reef sharks… Welcome to Vanuatu!!

Then we moved to a popping spot and landed a nice green jobfish, a bluefin trevally and got reefed a few times by red bass etc. Next we stopped at another doggy spot, taking a break from jigging we put a small mack tuna on the downrigger & it didn’t last long before that was taken, huge run on heavy drag and we lost another big dogtooth. Then we jigged and Adam straightened his jig hook on a nice doggy just a few meters from the boat. Tackle failure is the worst..

Day 2: We trolled to one of the islands and got a marlin strike on the way. We had a look at a small seamount which can be hot or cold. This time we didn’t have too much success jigging except a few rainbow runners. Then we trolled to one of my favourite islands and right on the mark got spooled convincingly by a doggy on the way that took an X-rap on a Shimano Stella 8000 / Terez set-up. On the other spot we got a quadruple hook-up wahoo but only landed one. We then lost and pulled the hooks on a few doggys on bait and jigs and got another couple of sharks.

Day 3: Headed off to yet another reef and it was just full of bait everywhere. We started the day with 2 wahoos, a few barracudas, a lot of mack tuna including some big ones and got spooled again by a doggy on a halco on the same set-up as yesterday. Then we started jigging and got a jobfish, a small doggy, a few other reef fishes and lost a few big doggys. Then we put some bait down and got another doggy and pulled the hooks on another couple. We finished with a quick pop before going and Adam landed a nice red bass.

Day 4: The guys were a bit dusty (hungover) from the previous evening, so it was going to be an easy day! We went to Nguna volcano and as soon as we arrived we hooked up to a big wahoo but got sharked not long after. Then we jigged and lost a few doggys, got some big rainbow runners and a few other reef fishes (coral trouts, emperor etc.).

Day 5: The guys wanted to chase big fish so decided we’d target big dogtooth downrigging live baits! The dogtooth weren’t playing today so a white tip shark took one of the baits. Sportfishing resulted in a nice jobfish and a few barracuda.

We pulled the lines in early as the guys were ready to return to Trees & Fishes for a few drinks and dogtooth sashimi before dinner. Another great bunch of guys and good variety of fishing. Conditions were great so we fished many seamounts, reefs and islands over the 5 days. The guys loved the action but missed getting the bigger fish to the boat, so are already planning a return trip early next year to settle the score!

Andrea Traverso,
Ocean Blue Skipper ‘Azzurra’

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Sportfishing Vanuatu – Dogtooth, Spooled Reels & Beaten Anglers!

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