Success at Santo!

Anthony & Jenyne,

I would again like to thank both of you for my last fishing trip to Vanuatu in August.

For the second year in a row you have organised an unforgettable and highly successful fishing charter for my party to Espiritu Santo. The 2006 trip was great, catching heaps of various species; this year’s trip surpassed the last trip by a long way.

John and Wendy were fantastic hosts, Sandy and Christian sensational Deckies. Not to mention the fishing, wow, where do I start?

Fishing Wusi Seamount for the first 3 days of the charter had all four of us very busy with screaming drags and fish everywhere. Dogtooth Tuna to 40kg, Wahoo to 30kg and Yellowfin to 15kg with so many strikes it was like a dance-floor in the cockpit. Double hook-ups, quite a few triple hook-ups and even a couple of quadruple hook-ups had us ducking and weaving all over the place, as well getting smoked on some extremely big fish that had the 24’s peeling off at an alarming rate without a chance to stop the 1st run.

For the last 3 days of the charter we decided to chase Blue Marlin with 5 hook-ups overall and some very acrobatic Wahoo crashing into the lures from below. Seeing Wahoo 2 and 3 at a time in mid air taking lures was a spectacular sight I can tell you, also many more Yellowfin to 35kg and a nice bull Mahi Mahi (which was very nice for tea I might add) of about 15kg. Add to that 1 coconut that got hooked while trolling had everyone fooled that a nice fish had been hooked and a very embarrassed angler that we made to hold up for the trophy photo’s. All four of us had a trip that will be hard to forget and not a negative aspect of the whole charter.

All I can say to both of you thanks again for the superb trip, again you guys took care of all the details and made sure that we did not have to worry about anything except landing the fish. I look forward to the next trip you will be organising for me in 2008.

Kind regards Calvin Rhodes

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Success at Santo!

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