GT Tales, Inside Andrea’s Black Book

The Giant Trevally or Caranx Ignobilis inhabits a wide range of marine environments from shallow lagoons and reef plateaus to deep drop offs and seamounts. They can be targeted on jigs in depth to over 150m but the most impressive and fun way to get them remains on topwater where you can experience incredible crash strikes and tough fights.

GTs generally feed at specific spots where current and a good amount of bait is present but by saying that it doesn’t mean they will be present and feeding on all those spots on any day and at any time. So the only way to be ‘at the right time, at the right spot’ is to keep on casting until you find them. It may take 1 cast or over 100.

Andrea believes that GT’s are very lure sensitive and just don’t eat anything. He would recommend using a range of lures ranging from floating stick baits, sinking stick baits, big chuggers and pencil poppers. Most importantly Andrea explains that the weight of your lure must match the rod casting weight as 90% of the catch is in the cast.

Born and raised in Vanuatu, Ocean Blue’s Andrea Traverso and our team are passionate about fishing, well obsessed is the more accurate term.  As a professional guide he’s a great resource and understands their habits, patterns and locations. GT’s along with dogtooth are one of the more challenging species and require consistency, persistence and no “No Weak Link”. GT’s, more so than any other species he’s encountered, magnify and exploit any weakness or error of an angler (or guide), such as slack line, late strike, angle of line, drag settings and will often find their freedom.

Get him talking on the subject and you’ll hear it in his voice, see it in his eyes and learn how to find & land that next Vanuatu 60kg plus GT.

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GT Tales, Inside Andrea’s Black Book

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