Vanuatu big yellowfin action for Father & Sons!

Yellowfin Tuna are a beautiful and great eating fish found throughout the world in warm waters. Over the last months our guests have been fortunate to land some nice yellowfin tuna ranging from 25kg to 70kg.

Yellowfin tuna almost never jump when hooked, although do come out of the water to grab a bait or lure. Yellowfins are well known to anglers for pulling hard for their size simply ask Danny Beyer (Ocean Blue regular), Jamie Beyer and father Frank Beyer who experienced fishing in Vanuatu for big yellowfin tuna with Ocean Blue guide Eric Festa.

The boys found it quite challenging to bring in the larger fish in quickly no matter what tackle was used as well known for turning sideways when near the boat and for swimming in large circles making it a long process to land them. Small schoolies of yellowfin are great fun on light tackle, while the large ones require heavy gear and braid.

“Rule of thumb when fishing is that you scale your tackle to the size of fish targeted. When chasing any pelagic fish especially on light gear, a lot of patience and persistence is needed from the angler. All the effort or that extra cast, drop or throw is all worth it when anglers hard work/pain is rewarded with that dream fish “, Andrea Traverso.

“Great experience, thank you so much.”

Danny, Jamie & Frank Beyer

Father & Sons five nights and four days fishing based out of our anglers lodge, Trees and Fishes, saw a variety of fish species landed from big Yellowfin tuna, Wahoo, Red Bass and Danny’s 130kg+ blue marlin on the last day which took over 5 hours to bring to the boat. Great effort guys!

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Vanuatu big yellowfin action for Father & Sons!

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