Vanuatu fishing trip memories

Reminiscing Vanuatu Fishing Trip Memories

The blue sky promises a good weather. You look down at your last few mils of coffee while you come to a realization that your long-awaited fishing trip is about to begin in just a few minutes. At the breakfast table, the other guests you met are telling you stories about their groups’ catch and how sad it is to be leaving the island and head back to their countries of origin. A few minutes later, a mate hollers at you to hurry up and jump on the boat to start the day. Your head is filled with excitement.

Was this how the morning of the first day of your fishing trip unfolded?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

1 year prior

After a tough day out on the water, the boys crack open beers after giving the boat a wash down and you start talking about what went wrong, blaming even the weather.  While they bounce back and forth theories and theories on end, you sip your beer and daydream about your last trip to an island paradise having booked a good fishing crew who knows where and when to fish. Jimmy chucks an empty at you and asks what is wrong. You respond: “You guys want to head over to Vanuatu to catch some blues and Geets?”. “Hell yes!” comes the unified response. A barrage of unending questions begin. “When are we going?” “Who do we go with?” “Isn’t Jimmy’s wedding in a couple of months?” “What if my wife won’t let me go?” How much is the trip?”

You scratch your head, smile and say, “Let me organize it for us, boys.”

10 months prior

Constant email exchanges from the crew at Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures ensue. You’ve chosen the perfect set of dates. No weddings, no birthdays, no anniversaries– all the guys are happy and keen. You pull the trigger and send a confirmation email to book the dates.

Now the hard part begins. Deposits.

Booking a fishing adventure requires initial deposits to be made in order to secure your spot. Without deposits, your booking is open for other punters to take over your carefully-selected dates. You go ahead and set up a group email and ask the boys for money to seal the deal.

Jack: “Hold up dude, my kids’ tuition fees are up in a few days. I’ll send you the money ASAP! I swear!”

Bruce: “Send me your bank details, I’ll wire you the money ASAP.”

Jimmy: No response

Johnny: “Wife still doesn’t know I’m going on a fishing trip. Can I send you money a few hundred at a time so she doesn’t notice?”

Yep. Didn’t see this coming, did you? The rest of the guys successfully and painlessly send you deposits for the trip, while the others are being a pain but keeps promising that they’ll rock up with the money and be there. You fearlessly trust them and cover your mates’ deposits for now.

Deposits wired to the Ocean Blue. Dates secured! Great!

6 months prior

“How much check in baggage can we bring?” “30kg is not enough, bro!” “We’re all flying together, right?”

Flights. The earlier you book, the better, as this allows you to focus more on planning the fishing trip and this also gives you enough time to plan ahead for contingencies.

Air Vanuatu will probably be the best bet as they have 30kg luggage allowance plus 7kg carry on allowance so make sure you bring only the necessary gears needed on a fishing trip.

3 months prior

Not too long now. Full payment of your remaining balance is required at this point, so you send a group email asking for everyone to pay up. All the regular excuses start coming in, and you can’t help shaking your head in frustration. Eventually everyone sends in their payments.

Tackle recommendations are available from Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures so don’t hesitate to ask. Send this to your mates and let them know how to properly pack for a fishing trip.

1 week prior

Bags all-packed and ready to go. Everyone is holding on to their flight tickets and are filled to the brim with excitement. You receive a reminder email from Ocean Blue Vanuatu with some reminders and a final checklist. Everyone has their travel insurance sorted out already. Time to go!

Present day

Fast forward to present day and you are sipping your last drops of coffee getting your gear ready. The guides and crew load up the boats with rods, food, and drinks. You hear the squeals of excitement from your mates and this makes you smile. Once you get your crew onto the beautiful Trees and Fishes resort, you can finally leave the rest to the staff and crew of Ocean Blue Vanuatu to take over. Mission accomplished.

If you are looking for a true sport fishing company that offers you more than just a Vanuatu fishing adventure, look no further than Ocean Blue Fishing. Call us now at (AU) 1300 564 616 or at (INTL) +61 436 020322 or you may also contact us through our website at

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Reminiscing Vanuatu Fishing Trip Memories

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