Vanuatu Sport Fishing, Trophy Fish on Peter & Craig’s November Trip

I was keen to sneak a trip in this year somewhere and after making mention of this to my fishing mate Craig he said he was in also. Never hard to talk him into it… Fantastic, so now where do we go?

After some discussions we chose Vanuatu for a GT & dogtooth popping and jigging adventure, also on offer were wahoo, dollies and blue marlin if we wanted to mix this up. We shared the boat with 2 other anglers as part of Ocean Blue’s Join A Trip program seen here, this arrangement is ideal.

We touched down in Port Villa on the 19th November and fished hard through to the 24th with four full days fishing. Without giving a blow by blow account the highlights for Craig were a 20kg Dogtooth on a popper and a huge 35kg Dogtooth taken on a slow trolled striped tuna. The fight was a savage affair which left him puffing and sculling down a quick 500ml of water…. In between we scored a nice mix of Red Bass, Bluefin Trevally and Barracuda’s.

Highlights were a 20kg GT which as always gave an incredible account of itself and later in the same morning I met an absolute horse of 40-45kg. This fish engulfed a 120g Skipjack popper and after seeing the back on this thing leave the water I knew I was in for hell. The fight was brutal and I gotta admit I was hurting but after some seriously intense minutes I had the fish beat & at the boat.

All up a sensational trip Vanuatu sport fishing, and to be honest such an easy one with only a quick 2 hour flight from Brissy and half an hour by car to the lodge. Highly recommend this adventure and we will certainly be returning!

Peter Morris

Hi David,

Well what can I say, the trip was awesome. I can safely say the trip was more than I could have imagined, it was my 1st overseas trip and what a place to go. The Ocean Blue team involved made us feel like long lost friends as soon as we got there.

Angele had a great knack of anticipating our needs. The food was fantastic, the service was flawless and the staff very friendly. The accommodation was just what the chiropractor ordered, very comfortable, Pete said even impressed with the pillows, and the view is simply stunning. It took all of about 2 minutes to forget that I had a job back in the real world. It’s great being able to fly to paradise quicker than we can to our nation’s capital..

Now the fishing, I have never experienced country or fishing like that before. My very 1st doggie came in at 20kg, I watched Pete cop a workout with 2 x GT’s, 1st about 20kg and 2nd at 40kg and to top off my trip I landed a doggie just over 30kg’s. Andrea tried very hard every day to put us on fish which I can only image gives him a buzz when his clients are on fish and some stress when the fish are taking a break from the days play.

We met up with 4 other anglers at the lodge and now have new friends to compare notes and stories with. There will be plenty of stories. I can only hope that next year has us thinking of a little piece of paradise at Trees and Fishes and that can come back to where we left off. More PB’s to come and more sites to see.

Thanks to the Ocean Blue I now find it hard to not keep jumping back into my computer and reliving the days through my photos.

Cheers Craig

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Vanuatu Sport Fishing, Trophy Fish on Peter & Craig’s November Trip

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