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Be Your Own Captain: Essential Tips For Buying A Fishing Boat

Having a boat is perhaps every anglers ultimate dream. Who doesn’t want to be the captain of their own ship, with the ability to go out fishing anytime at all? If you’re seriously considering a boat purchase but not sure where to start, here are some tips on buying fishing boats.

What To Look For in Fishing Boats

The very first thing to consider when buying a fishing boat is to think about what kind of fishing boat you wish to have. As with pretty much anything, your boat should serve the purpose you desire. Consider the following and write down the factors you’re looking for.

Size – Do you want to fish with a big group of angling buddies or are you a lone wolf type of angler? Always check the loading capacity of the boat – you might end up having a large one all on your own (which is a good thing but very difficult to maintain) or a small one but you and your mates are squashed in uncomfortably.

Deck Layout Type – Choose between dual console and center console. Boats with dual consoles have more seating capacity and storage, making it perfect for socials. On the other hand, boats with dual console deck have more space for reeling and casting lines.

Features – Last but not least are the features you want to have in a boat. Some boats offer features like tackle storage, rod storage and a trolling engine to name a few. Always check the specifications and ask the sales agent to be thorough when having the features explained to you.

Join Fishing Boats Fairs and Shows

Boat fairs are great places to buy boats. For one, fairs and conventions provide great deals and promos which can be advantageous for you and your pocket. Secondly, it helps boat makers to gather an idea on how many boats they should build and what are the most bankable models they have. Schedules of boat shows vary from place to place so make sure to check online when and where the next boat shows and fairs are to you.

Remember to SIT

The last tip to consider when buying a fishing boat is to do a thorough check up. Take an up-close and personal look over the boat you’re considering purchasing and remember to SIT – survey, inspect and try.

Survey – Always have it surveyed by a hired surveyor, especially if you’re buying a large boat with more than 25 feet in size. This is because insurance companies will require having it checked and surveyed. This is also an awesome opportunity to learn more details about your boat of choice, what are the strengths and weaknesses and how you can use it to your advantage.

Inspect – After gaining some information from your surveyor, you can check out the boat yourself. When inspecting, always go beyond what your dealer tells you. Have a little “walk” around the boat and take a better look at the details.

Try – Lastly, give it a spin. And by spin it doesn’t necessarily mean just enjoy the boat ride – have it run at different speeds and at different sea locations and currents. This will give you a little glimpse of how the boat works once you own it.

We at Ocean Blue hope that these tips on buying a fishing boat are helpful. At the end of the day, it’s going to be your fishing boat for a long period of time – so take your time and purchase wisely. Click on the link to check out the fishing boats we use.

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Be Your Own Captain: Essential Tips For Buying A Fishing Boat

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