Simrad NSS EVO3S

Simrad NSS EVO3S First Impressions: What’s New?

The NSS EVO3S. Simrad launches their latest addition to their great family of marine electronics. Let’s dive in for a closer look, shall we?

The Simrad team promised major upgrades from the previous generation model, specifically focusing on doubling the CPU performance for a faster and smoother experience.

The powerful processor allows faster page changes and transitions between pages and screens. Another big upgrade is the amazing 6 screens split capability allowing us maximum multitasking possibilities.

Let’s pick apart the upgrades and specifications and compare them to the previous NSS EVO3 model that we have installed on our Ocean Blue fleet of boats.


Remember having to remove peek over your polarized sunnies to see the information on your monitor? Those days are long gone, as these newer display units offer ultra-clarity even while wearing polarized sunnies.

The older generation NSS EVO3 already had an amazingly clear screen to begin aptly named the SolarMAX IPS HD Display. The newer NSS EVO3S has the same display but added some more wattage, providing an even brighter and clearer 1080 HD display.

The wide viewing angles allow us to keep the screen in view from anywhere in sight. This is very important when the action is hot, and we can’t always be confined at the helm.

Moving around to cast, drop anchor, drop baits, and other stuff while having a clear view of the boat’s position over structure is very important.

Key takeaways:

Older NSS EVO3 already had an amazingly bright screen but the newer NSS EVO3S upped the ante with extra brightness. Both offer a wide viewing angle for optimum visibility anywhere around the cockpit of your vessel.

Simrad NSS EVO3S

Touchscreen Controls

This part is where we can appreciate how touchscreen technology has caught up even in the fishing equipment world.

From the get-go, you’ll notice that the screen is more responsive to even the lightest touch. Snappy and smooth, just like your iPad or smartphone.

As mentioned earlier, Simrad focused on creating a faster and responsive touch experience. Pinching the screen to zoom in, dragging panels around to customize your monitor layout, swiping left and right has been vastly improved.

The boost in screen responsiveness was the result of the major CPU upgrade that we’ll talk about in more detail later on.

With the latest and greatest touchscreen technology at the tips of our fingers, the physical keypads won’t be missed anytime soon. But if you are like having a physical keypad, fear not, as the NSS EVO3S has a keypad with rotary dial control knob and the other function keys we’ve all learned to love.

Key takeaways:

With an improved touchscreen display which is both reliable and extremely responsive, but Simrad has kept the physical keypad and rotary dial for a more robust and physical touch.

Bigger Brains

The new iMX 8 integrated six-core processor is what allows us to experience fast response times for silky smooth screen transitions. 6 cores. More cores than the laptop I’m using for this review.

Doubling the CPU performance, instant access to GPS location, engine data, depth, and structure scanning is snappy and accurate.

You can easily customize screen layouts to suit your preference. Switching between layouts is as you expect, fast.

More processing power also allows us to have more information on our screen. Splitting your screen 6 ways is now possible, compared to the previous 3 panels.

Having 6 information panels may be a bit overkill, but you never know. You might like it. High and low-frequency sonar, radar, engine data, GPS, and structurescan or forwardscan all at the same time. It’s all up to you.

The bigger processor powers the built-in 1kW CHIRP-enabled sonar. Really good stuff, especially now that it has support for dual-channel transducers.

This means you can cover multiple depth ranges on your split screen display from a single unit. High and low-frequency on separate screens will offer you more accurate details of what you are seeing below.

The better processor also powers Active Imaging. The game-changing S5100 or StructureScan 3D, which provides picture-like views of fish holding structure, like side-scan or structure scan, but in high definition. ForwardScan capability is also a given.

HALO Pulse Compression radar, and automated control with a fully integrated Simrad autopilot is also part of the awesome package.

Key takeaways:

Smartphone-Esque screen responsiveness made possible by the iMX 8  6-core processor. Faster and more responsive experience compared to the older NSS EVO3 model. The bigger brain certainly provides a better overall sounder experience.

All the bells and whistles like StructureScan, ForwardScan, radar and autopilot are powered by the powerful processor with no worries.

Simrad NSS EVO3S


Like all kinds of computer software and tech like phones, tablets, and computers, tech in boats require constant updates, to keep everything running in mint condition.

Years ago, we were required to physically connect our sounder units to our computers, which are then connected to the internet to install software updates. Those days are so far behind us.

Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity come standard. Turn on your mobile hotspot and you’re set for software downloads and updates.

Wired Ethernet, NMEA 2000 and J1939 networking allows integration with other units you may want to install.

Bigger boats may have vessel-wide display systems to radar, sonar, engine integration, and all that good stuff. The guys fishing at the bow need some details of the bottom too!

Displays can be mirrored to your smartphones for access to charts, radar, sonar, engine data and more from anywhere on board. Sweet isn’t it?

There is also a built-in GPS receiver in the unit itself, negating the need for a separate GPS antenna.

Key takeaways:

Bluetooth and WiFi come standard, making software updates a breeze. All data can be mirrored to your phones wherever you are on the boat! More brainpower and more connectivity options. Built-in GPS receiver is a plus!


The upgrades were mostly performance-based, providing users with a more powerful processor, resulting in amazing responsiveness and accuracy, unlike any other sounder in the market.

The responsiveness of the touchscreen is the best in its class.

Quick and easy connectivity to your iOS or Android devices allows you to keep watch on important data anywhere on the boat is a huge upgrade to functionality.

Add on the capability to view the screen in a 6-way split which you can customize any way you want, makes this industry-leading stuff.

As for durability and reliability, we can’t say for sure until we test them out long term. But if we take into consideration how our NSS EVO3 units have served us for years under the pressure of daily fishing charter use, we can say that Simrad has reliability sorted.

Will you get a Simrad NSS EVO3S system for your boat?

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Simrad NSS EVO3S First Impressions: What’s New?

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