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The ‘REEL’ Deal: Taking Care of Your Fishing Reels

The fishing reels that we’ve come to know today are very intricate pieces of equipment. When you detach its parts, you will see that it looks like you just opened a very old and complex watch; there would even be pieces that only reel engineers know. And because of that, taking care of your fishing reels is very pivotal.

When you take care of your equipment it will take care of you in return. Most anglers would get and understand this. Taking care of your fishing reels, just like other fishing equipment, will take some effort and time to keep them in their best order. But when you do this regularly, you will be able to optimise your fishing tools when you use it over and over again. Here are some pro tips.

Rinse and Lubricate

It is always ideal to take a few minutes to clean your reels. Simple cleaning such as rinsing it inside out with clean water and allow it to dry can do wonders. After rinsing, you can lubricate the parts that are moving using a light oil. Oiling can help protect fishing reel parts especially if you fish on saltwater. Rinsing and lubricating is ideal to do a day after a fishing activity.

Check for Salt Residue

We have mentioned salt already in the previous bullet. But we will talk more on this topic right now. Salt is one element that were created by Mother Nature to cause serious problems for your moving parts. When you fish on saltwater most of the time, you should keep in mind that salt residue may build up on your reels if you won’t take care of it regularly. So to prevent salt from damaging your beloved reels, rinsing it with fresh water using a light spray will do.

You can also use a quality lubricant that are formulated to prevent corrosion. In fact, there are cleaning products made for fishing reels – you can check them out.

fishing tips
fishing tips

Take Apart and Hold Your Reel Properly

According to Ed Harp of Bass Master, taking reel parts apart should be done in a cautious manner. And when you disassemble or assemble it, you need to hold them – ideally hold it in the left hand while the right hand is doing all the work.

“When you take your reel apart lay out the parts on a mat of some sort. Put a strip of masking tape under the line of parts and number each part as you remove it from the reel. That way you’ll be able to put everything back together without having parts leftover”

– Ed Harp, Bass Master

How to Clean Spin-Cast Reel

As you may have already known, there are two types of fishing reels. For this section, we will talk about how to take care of your spin-cast reel. Start off by removing the reel covers then disassemble the parts starting from the spinner head, spool, clutch ring, center shaft and crank bearing among others. After that scrub the part using a toothbrush and mild dishwashing liquid. Scrub gently but thoroughly to remove dirt, sand and salt. Before assembling, lubricate the parts using some light oil.

fishing tips
fishing tips

How to Clean Bait-Cast Reel

Bait-casting reel may be quite tedious to use but is slightly easier to take care of. Start off by wiping it with a clean, wet cloth. To remove the salt residue, remove the spool and soak it in water then rinse the body with some light spray of water.

Tip: Salt residue can be so small you need a magnifying glass to actually see it.

How to Clean Spinning Reel

Spinning reels , aka the more popular one, can be cleaned and maintained using the same methods as other types of reels. However, you should familiarize which parts to use grease and which parts to use oil.

Oils should be used on handle knobs, pickup pin, arm lever and kick lever, clutch screw and spool-release mechanism and ball bearings. On the other hand, you should grease on such parts likes the crank shaft, crank gear, center-shaft, pickup arm, roller wheel and spool washers and bushings.

And these are ways of taking care of your fishing reels. You may have the best reel out there but if you don’t take care of them, it won’t do you good in the long run. By always cleaning and maintaining its order, your reels will stay for years and years to come. And if you want more expert fishing tips, you can talk to us through our FB page. Click here to check and like our FB Page.

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The ‘REEL’ Deal: Taking Care of Your Fishing Reels

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