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Avoid the Coronavirus and Still Fish the World

If you still want to travel while keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and virus-free, here are a few tips.

The Coronavirus (NCoV-19) is spreading. But this shouldn’t keep you from enjoying yourself out on the water, may it be at your local fishing spot or at a tropical island paradise like Vanuatu.

With the coronavirus hysteria gripping the globe, dominating the airwaves and news, everyone in the fishing travel business are feeling the effects of the panic attached to this situation.

Even those who love to travel and have trips booked in are negatively affected and are already thinking of alternative plans. I am not one to try to kill the hype but I am a firm believer that what is happening at the moment is just it, hype.

The media have blown the issue out of proportion, only covering stories regarding the negative aspects of the disease and forgetting about the positive results happening around the world.

Without getting too emotional about the current state of the world today, let’s get going with tips on how to actually keep safe from a contagious disease when you plan to travel or even just go about your daily lives.

Still Want to Travel and Fish While Keeping Safe from Contagious Diseases?

1 Stay fit and stay healthy 

Being fit and healthy is the best way to avoid contracting any type of contagious disease. Your immune system will help ward off any uninvited guests, thus allowing you to live a normal life.

People who take care of themselves by hitting the gym regularly, going for a run every other day, having a well-balanced diet can all contribute to a strong immune system that will help keep unwanted bugs and viruses away.

2 Avoid tight and congested areas with little or no ventilation.

Viruses are often spread through respiratory droplets when coughing or sneezing and are especially easy to spread in an unventilated area with a lot of people breathing the same air.

Be mindful of the situations presented to you and avoid the above described situations as much as you can.

In all truth and actuality, being outdoors under sunlight is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick so don’t hesitate to use the current state of calamity as an excuse to go for a fish!

3 Avoid close personal contact with other people 

Shaking hands is the most common way of greeting others and is also one of the most common ways viruses are spread amongst each other.

With what is happening to the world lately, people will understand why you are politely rejecting a handshake and are going for a brotherly fist bump instead.

4 Wash and sanitize your hands regularly 

We can try to avoid touching viruses around us as much as we want, but washing our hands regularly is the best way to know that we don’t spread the nasty stuff around even more.

Washing or sanitizing our hands regularly is a must as we touch our faces so much throughout the day without even noticing. Do yourself a solid and grab a small bottle of hand sanitizer that can fit in your pocket for easy access and application.

5 Take vitamin supplements (if you are not already) 

Although death through vitamin supplement overdose is the very least likely to happen to you, it won’t hurt if you start taking some vitamin supplements or continue to take them for an additional boost to your immune system.

Fruits and veggies are another great source of vitamins and minerals so order that extra salad the next time you are out for a team lunch at work.

So yeah, these are the “TOP TIPS” to avoid the overhyped coronavirus. Are the tips above familiar? Should be, because these are the exact steps normal people take to avoid getting the common cold!

One of the worst days so far for the Coronavirus was the 10th of February. On that day, 108 persons died of the Coronavirus. But on the same day:

26,283 people died of cancer

24,283 people died of heart disease

4,300 died of diabetes

3024 unfortunately committed suicide


Mosquitos kill over 2740 people every day

Humans kill 1300 fellow humans every day

Snakes kill 137 people every day

So, let’s all Take a deep breath, wash your hands, and live your life.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt rightly proclaimed, “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself!”

So get out there and live the dream, as we are!

Share this with all your good friends and family and lets all get on with it!

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Avoid the Coronavirus and Still Fish the World

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