Fishing Photography 101

Fishing Photography 101: How to Take Epic Fishing Photos

How do you brag to your mates that you’ve had the best time during your fishing weekend or trip? Show them your eye-catching fishing photos, that’s how! To make it more appealing, capture photos that look good enough to be plastered onto walls or liked on socials. To do just that, here are some fishing photography tips that might come in handy for you.

Keep It Clean and Fresh

The first thing to consider when taking amazing fishing photos is to keep it – in a literal sense – clean and fresh. Fighting a fish can be a “bloody” mess and can cause clutter around the boat. When taking a photo, make sure that it looks neat – do a cleanup around the area, keep the buckets and beer cans away from the shutter’s view and wipe away any blood drippings and any mess if there are any.

In addition, take a pic of the fish while it’s still alive. You don’t want a fishing photo where your catch appears to be dull and lifeless. Take a photo of the fish as soon as you’ve caught it because the fish’s appearance will still be colourful and shiny. Do this really fast especially when you intend to release it.

Always Say Cheese

Professional outdoors photographer Al McGlashan always reminds his subject anglers to keep that winning face. We all know that landing that fish is grueling and tiresome at most times so there are chances that the angler will keep a very exhausted face after. But to make your fishing photo stand out, spare some smile or laugh for the camera. Remind yourself that you’ve won the battle and you’re there to relish your victory. Smile!

Do The “Grip and Grin”

Another professional photographer, Sam Root, advises to do the grip and grin method. This method of fishing photography requires the angler to take a hold of his current catch while smiling. He also added that shooting while the sun is behind the angler will give the photo this glorious feel to it. But then that would only be possible during sunrise or sunset. When you catch your fish midday, it’s still best to take the fishing photo behind the angler and just use a fill flash. That way, the angler won’t be squinting and the flash will minimise the glare and brightness.

Get Better Composition

Just as with any other types of photography, composition is very important. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive camera or tools, when you don’t know how to compose your photos or frame your subject, it won’t deliver great photos. However, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of how composition works – you only need to grasp the basics. One easy trick is the rule of thirds. This works by imagining the frame of a tic-tac-toe and compose your subject along the lines or where they intersect.

Don’t Limit Your Creativity

The last fishing photography tip we are going to mention is to always think outside of the box when taking fishing photos. You can never go wrong with experimenting and being creative. Yes, there are some basic rules you need to follow, but it never hurts to break these rules from time to time. When it works for you, then it’ll probably work for other too. Go crazy with the shutter.

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Fishing Photography 101: How to Take Epic Fishing Photos

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