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The Pros and Cons of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

There are many types of fishing lines out there, and one of them is the fluorocarbon fishing line. But is it the right one for you to use? Here we explore the different pros and cons of using this type of line.

What is Flourocarbon Fishing Line?

Fluorocarbon is a compound element that can be found in different items such as cooking utensils and cooling machines. And more recently, fluorocarbon is being used as a component to creating fishing lines.

In the past, fluorocarbon fishing lines were only used for saltwater fishing. But now, this type of line is being used in many environments – and it has increased in popularity with anglers over the years. Characteristics-wise, fluorocarbon lines are more dense and heavier due to a tight molecular structure. In addition, this line has more stretch and durability than other fishing lines.


So, why are fluorocarbon fishing lines becoming more popular amongst anglers? Below are the benefits that most fishing experts cannot resist.

Low Visibility – One of the benefits that anglers love about this line is that, when submerged, it can hardly be seen. Fluorocarbon line is just as refractive as water and can be advantageous when used in clearer waters.

Sensitive Factor – With its constricted molecular structure, this fishing line is more sensitive to motions. And with that, it is a better tool to transmit action from the other end of the line. In addition, this type of line sinks faster so it gets faster to where it should be.

Waterproof – Some fishing lines absorb water, which will affect its overall handling performance. But fluorocarbon lines don’t “get wet”, so its functionality stays the same for a more consistent performance.


However there are just as many cons as there are pros when using fluorocarbon line. Below are some of the disadvantages that come with using this fishing line.

Stiffness – This line is stiffer than some fishing lines out in the market. And it gets even stiffer as the strength goes higher. Though it is favoured for its leader material, but when it comes to main lines, it is better to choose the softer ones.

Sinking Problems – Though this fishing line’s capability to sink faster is a plus, it also comes with a disadvantage; it easily gets tangled. This is not a concern for those who are fishing in deep seas but when used onshore, it can get caught in seaweed and stones.

Not Cost-Effective – For those who are on a tight budget, you may have to pass for now. Fluorocarbon fishing lines cost roughly 50% more than mono lines. Click this link right here to check out the prices.

So here you have the main pros and cons of using a fluorocarbon fishing line. Weigh out these factors and check if it’s something that you should try on your next trip. If you already have this fishing line and want to put it to the test, Vanuatu fishing trips are best for doing just that.

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The Pros and Cons of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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