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Landing Doggies

A doggy hook up can be brutal and followed by a prolonged adrenalin rush and better hold on to that rod nice & firmly when hooked up. Dogtooth Tuna are generally caught either trolling or jigging. A big live bait or a trolled lure on a heavy conventional setup gives you the best chance to land a really big one. However, most extreme anglers prefer to catch them by casting or jigging. For jigging a good range of short and fat butterfly jigs between 40 and 200g max is recommended as your fishing in water depth ranging between 40 & 120 meters. Depending on the spots and on how these beats bite expect to loose between 0 and 20+ jigs a day. Top tip is to always think to check and redo your trace which should be between 7 & 8 meters on 150lbs. Note that our crew can assist you with these, to ensure that you are always ready for that big hit. Onboard the edge gear used for jigging are a range of Saragosa 6000, 10000 and 25000 matched with light, medium and heavy jigging rods and filled with PE 3, PE 6 and PE 10 braid. You will need an average of 400-500m of line when facing facing your advisor. Finally make sure that your drag is well set before dropping. Chasing doggies is something we recommend to all anglers to experience at least once in their lives.

“Get to know your opponent and familiarise yourself with these techniques as when chasing big doggy it also means trophy fish.” Andrea Traverso


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Landing Doggies

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