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Shiny and Fresh: How To Make Your Boat Look New Again

In this article, we are going to talk about how to make your boat look new again. Taking care of its look is crucial not just for the aesthetic, but also for with its performance. Rust, stains, and old sealants will affect how the boat performs if not corrected or left untreated. So here are some tips that you may find in useful in taking care of your boat, no matter how old or new your boat may be.

Waxing Is The First Key

Though it is loathed by many boat owners, the labor-intensive chore of waxing your boat is very important. Waxing keeps the gelcoat surface of your boat protected from chalking and waning due to its direct exposure to the sun. In addition, waxing also prevents the boat from getting stained by dirt and dust, making the boat look brand spanking new always. Be careful, however, in applying a coat of wax for there are some boat waxes out there that causes discoloration and yellowing. Check with your boat supplier as to which product they recommend.

Polish the Aluminium

Most boats have parts that are made of aluminium. The railings, for example, are usually made from this light material. But this material starts to dull, rust, and chip when not cleaned regularly. Railings are essential in making your boat look new again, and it’ll make a big difference when you give it a polish from time to time. Use an aluminium cleaner or a metal polish and vigorously rub it with a cloth. The chemicals in the polish will get rid of dust and rust particles that are starting to form in the surface, giving its luster and shine back.

Make Your Fibreglass Great Again

Fibreglass is a material mostly favoured by boat makers because of its durability as well as its sleek look. But no matter how durable fibreglass is, it’s not immune to rust stains, water stains and algae. If you’ve noticed that your boat has any of those stains, better act on it as soon as possible – fibreglass deteriorates fast and easily. There are a couple of fibreglass cleaners available, but the best ones are able to wipe out all stains and algae in a simple application.

Make Windows And Glass Squeaky Clean

House and building windows are regularly cleaned. That said, it’s only right to clean your boat’s windows and other glass fixtures often too. Being exposed to sun, sea water and air will make your glass look dull and full of lime. Regularly clean it with a glass cleaner so it will stay glossy and new-looking.

We know that taking care of your boat can be a grueling task to do, especially if you have a big fishing boat like we have. But it’s really important to do so in order to prolong the beauty of your vessel. If you don’t have a boat just yet, check out our fishing boats to get an idea of what you might like in the near future. We recently gave it a makeover so please do check it out.

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Shiny and Fresh: How To Make Your Boat Look New Again

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