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What Are The Most Difficult Fish to Catch in The World?

We at Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures know that most – if not all – serious anglers are always up for catching fish that test your limits and provide a challenge. Seasoned anglers are always searching for that species or sized fish that they can call a prized catch. If you haven’t yet created your own bucket list of fish you’d love to land, below we’ve included some of the most difficult fish to catch in the world which you might like to add to your own list and take on one day. These monster species are listed below in no particular order, of course.


Arguably one of the most majestic fish in the ocean, the sailfish belongs to the billfish family. They love to hang around ocean bottoms –  and this is one reason why it joins the list as one of the most difficult fish to catch in the world. Aside from chosen place to hang out, they’re also the fastest swimmers in the ocean. We are talking speeds of over 100k p/h! Not to mention they can grow as big as 10 feet and can weigh 100kg. This fish is some hefty fighter, and you are definitely going to love the challenge it can bring. Click on the link if you want to learn more interesting facts about sailfish.

Dogtooth Tuna

It might not be the most attractive fish in the ocean, but they are considered a prized catch because of how difficult it is to catch one. But why are they so hard to catch? One reason is that you can’t just find them anywhere – they can live and adapt to different habitats – even high current areas. And when you get the chance to hook one, the chance of a dogtooth tuna getting away is very high. Dogtooth’s are very skilled in busting off from a line and they an incredibly strong fish.

Don’t fret, though. If you’re eyeing off your first dogtooth tuna and you need some tips on how to land it , click here to read How to Catch a Dogtooth Tuna.


A Wahoo’s build is slender and elongated, which makes them very fast swimmers – around 80k p/h to be exact. Once hooked to your line, a wahoo can be ultra-aggressive in fighting you off. And if you’re not strong enough, the wahoo can sweep you off your feet and even off the boat.

On the flip side, there are plenty of wahoo’s in the sea and they are not dwindling anytime soon.  If you want to catch one, they can be found in warm oceans and they mostly hang out near reefs and wrecks, hoping to prey on smaller fish.

Pacific Bluefin Tuna

And the last species on this list of the most difficult fish to catch in the world is the Pacific Bluefin Tuna – also known as the king of Tunas. Their build might be of monolithic proportions but it’s the stamina of this tuna when fighting that will give you a run for your money, and then some! Pacific Blues can weigh up to 450kg and can grow as long as 10 feet in length. This tuna species is warm-blooded, that’s why they are very fast and evasive.

So, here we’ve briefly discussed four of the most difficult fish to catch in the world, most of which can be found in the waters of Vanuatu! If you want to try your luck landing some of the most difficult fish in the world, and experience fishing Vanuatu for yourself – then click here to book or for more info.

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What Are The Most Difficult Fish to Catch in The World?

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