throwing a castnet perfectly

Need live bait? Darcizzle Outdoors cast nets the easy way!

Catch more live bait effectively by learning how to throw a cast net like a pro. Read on for our top tips to help your live bait collecting vastly improve.

Castnets are the most productive and efficient bait collecting tool when put in the right hands and when used at the right times.

It takes some time and practice to be able to throw a castnet properly, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can expect your bait catching sessions to be much more efficient.

In this video, Florida fishing local Darcizzle, an avid and highly experienced angler shows us how to properly load and throw a castnet the easy way.

Darci takes us step by step, explaining the basics, terminology and parts of the castnet extremely well.

Proceeds to show us how to properly coil the hand line, measure the net length, laying the net over your throwing hand and eventually the throwing technique.

Let’s start with the parts of the net.

The six main parts of the castnet

Angler holding a castnet hand line

First is the handline. It is used to pull the net back up to you after making a throw.

This is what connects the angler to the bait, so make sure that you secure the wrist band on your arm properly.

a castnet's swivel, lead line and horn

Next, we have the swivel which attaches the handline to the brail lines.

The brail lines are then tied to the lead line in even sections which will then be pulled inwards through the horn, tucking the net inwards to trap the fish.

The horn is also the attachment point for the net opposite to the lead line at the bottom.

lead line and weights of the castnet

Then finally we have the lead line and weights at the bottom of the net.

Let’s get on with setting up for the throw. The setup is how you hold the net before throwing. To get a good open net, a good setup is a must.

Darci shows us how to setup when you are a left-handed thrower. This means most of the net is going to be in your left hand.

I am right-handed but I setup and throw the same way as Darci so this tutorial works fine for righties. Reverse the hands if it doesn’t feel right to you.

The setup

1. Put your throwing hand through the hand line loop.

Stretch the line out to check and correct tangles in the hand line, while coiling it over your hand.

measure hand line of castnet
coiling hand line over hand

2. When your hand line coils are done, and you are up to the swivel and horn; grab the horn with your right hand and stretch the net out, fully extended.

Depending on the thrower’s height, lifting the whole net up in the air for a couple of shakes to make sure that the lead line is not tangled or caught in itself.

If you see any tangles, mend them first before proceeding to the next step. (Also ensure that there are no twists in the net.)

stretching a castnet out to check for tangles

3. Grab about a foot the net between the horn and the lead line and coil over your left hand the same way you did your handline coils, over the hand from the back.

measuring the netting of the castnet

4. Measure another length of net by leaving the weights on the deck or floor and grab the stretched net by your waist.

Then coil this net “into” your left hand by curling the net inwards toward your body.

second coil net over throwing hand

5. With two coils of netting in your left hand, we split the lead lines at the bottom of the net in half.

You want to have half of the net in your right hand and half hanging down from your left.

measuring half of the castnet

6. Now roll this portion of netting in your right hand over the top of your left hand away from you this time, opposite of what you’ve done previously.

By now you should have something that looks like what Darci has below.

second to the last step of the setup for throwing a castnet

7. We now proceed to grab the lead line facing away from you with your right hand. This part of the net will be the last to leave your body.

A good tip is to reach for the lead line as far down as possible without needing to bend your body over.

8. Build some momentum by swinging the net while sighting for bait. Rotate your upper body and throw first the bunched-up coils in your left hand.

The last bit of net you have in your right hand should be loosely gripped so as to just naturally come off with the net’s momentum.

This allows the net to open fully, if everything goes as planned.

throwing a castnet perfectly

If you are keen to catch some live bait for less time the next time you head out, consider getting yourself an 8 – 9 foot castnet like what Darci has in the video.

It will take some practice and getting used to, but once you’ve done the hard yards in the yard…

You’ll find yourself throwing perfect circles over a school of lively bait.

Don’t forget to check out Darcizzle Offshore for more awesome fishing videos and tutorials.


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Need live bait? Darcizzle Outdoors cast nets the easy way!

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