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What is Sight Fishing? Here’s What You Need To Know

Although fun and exciting, angling is a challenging hobby itself. But if you’re up for a challenge and an angling activity that is out of the box, why not try sight fishing? This is an unorthodox way to land your preferred fish but it requires patience and mastery. Read on to find out more about this activity and some tips you can follow.

What is Sight Fishing?

This type of fishing is different from tossing lines and waiting for a fish to bite your bait. Sight fishing is when you spot a fish first before you lure it with your bait. Now this activity may sound simple but it takes precise timing and luck. Yet, don’t get discouraged. The challenging aspect of this type of fishing is what makes it more exciting. Sight fishing is usually done in shallow waters or where the water is clear even when it’s deep. But stalking fish are possible to do in a lot of areas.

Sight Fishing Tips

It may look fun but, again, it’s no walk in the park. If you want to go serious with sight fishing, here are some tips that are to consider.

Think Of The Sun’s Position

When you fish with your sight you will need light to have your back. But it doesn’t mean that the sun should be behind you. Expert anglers would suggest that the sun should be around 45 to 40 degrees to one side. In this angle, you would be able to see fish without the shadow of the boat in front of you.

It’s About THE Time

As an angler, you already get that visibility is essential. But when sight fishing, the best time to do so is between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. But, during this time the sun will be harsh and unforgiving. In that case, make sure to protect your skin and eyes from the harmful rays. Here’s an article about total sun protection.

Check the Weather

Apart from being sunny, there are other factors to consider when sight fishing. Seasoned anglers suggest to sight fish when the wind is blowing from the east or southeast. To add, fish during high tide and when the pressure is high. Of course it’s hard to pick such a setting but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the activity without one factor or 2.

That’s already a lot of sight fishing information we’ve given but we are only scratching the surface. Check out out blog later for the part two of this sight fishing series. Join our Ocean Blue Fishing FB page and interact with other anglers, share fishing tips of your own, and check out some awesome fishing photos.

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What is Sight Fishing? Here’s What You Need To Know

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