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Why Do We Lose Fish? Common Mistakes To Avoid.

You may have prepared and planned a fishing trip months in advance but, as we all know too well, no amount of prep will 100% guarantee that you will land your dream catch. Getting on a fishing trip is half the battle but the second half is where most, if not all, hardships (and possibly heartbreak!) can be experienced. And if you’re not paying much attention to what you’re doing, chances are that dream catch of yours will slip back into the sea. Check out the various ways to lose a fish below, so you would know what NOT to do.

Don’t Use Old or Rusty Hooks

The hook is arguably the most important component in catching a fish, and if you’re not going to use the good ones (or at least the right ones) then you’re not getting a catch anytime soon. If you want to lose your catch, then you should use those old, bent hooks with rust. But if you’re actually serious about it, replace the old ones with the new and use the right size of hook.

Giving The Fish Some Leeway

If you’ve caught a fish on the line, never let them let go by not giving them some slack or else the fish will shake the hook off. You will secure the catch if you hold on to the line tightly. And if you feel that there is some slack all of a sudden, it doesn’t mean that the fish has let go – it probably means that it’s going towards the boat or is swimming in another direction. Once this happens, you need to reel in the line quickly or use the boat engine – the latter works well, especially if it’s a large fish.

Not Retying the Knot More Often

Break-offs, most of the time, happen because there’s something wrong with the knot. This wouldn’t happen if the connection point is sturdy. If you want to guarantee a catch, checking the knots every now and then will help a lot. Always look for any fray or even the littlest of abrasion and don’t hesitate to re-tie it.

Not Letting the Rod do the Work

Your rod is not just a tool to direct the line but it also absorbs the shock you will get from the surges a fighting game fish will produce. Don’t give them some slack or let them horse around – this will just give the fish an ample amount of time to get off the hook. Just hold the rod tightly, and let it do it’s job and work to your advantage. Eventually, the fish will get too tired of fighting.

These four ways of losing a fish are extremely avoidable. When applied, losing your dream catch won’t be a worry anymore and you will be able to land that dream catch!

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Why Do We Lose Fish? Common Mistakes To Avoid.

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