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Top Saltwater Fishing Blogs To Check Out – Aside From Ours, Of Course!

We anglers love to seek adventure, but there are times that we just want to chill in a warm corner and read stuff that will either entertain us or educate us. If you want both entertaining and educating, perhaps fishing blogs are the way to go. They can also give you ideas and inspiration for your next fishing adventure. Below are our top saltwater fishing blogs to check out. Make sure to come back to us though, okay?

Saltwater Sportsman

This blog is for those who love to read “listicles” (articles that are lists). But one reason why we recommend Saltwater Sportsman is that their posts are creatively done and can provide you with good fishing insights. Aside from articles, this blog includes other content such as videos and they also run competitions and offers from time to time. Interested? Visit their site here.

My Catch Australia

What started out as a fishing forum in Facebook has now become arguably one of the biggest fishing websites in Australia. Not only do they create frequently posts, they also do reviews and videos. They are also big in social media, garnering more than 6000 followers on Facebook. They also have Youtube and Instagram handles so you might want to check them out. Blog link here.

Wide Open Spaces

This Texas-based outdoor blog is not just a saltwater fishing blog, it’s a mecca for all things outdoors. Be it hunting, fishing or even shooting, they cover them all. And that’s what makes Wide Open Spaces a great blog to visit – some anglers are interested in learning about other adventurous stuff outside of fishing. So if you’re an all-round outdoor junkie, you can give this blog a try. Link to their saltwater fishing blog here.

Saltwater Experience

This blog is created by two passionate anglers – Captain Rich Tudor and Captain Tom Rowland – who aim to share their love of the sport. They also want to inspire other anglers all over to keep the angling tradition alive for the new generation of anglers to come. They focus more on podcasts and shows rather than blogs, so visit them if you want a more visual and audio experience. Click here to visit this blog.

And these are some of the saltwater fishing blogs you should check out from time to time. So grab a coffee, turn your tablet on and read away!

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Top Saltwater Fishing Blogs To Check Out – Aside From Ours, Of Course!

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