Top 5 Fishing YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Now!

Keen to learn stuff while watching quality fishing videos at home? Check out our Top 5 fishing YouTube channels you need to subscribe to now.

YouTube has become a valuable tool for everyone wanting to learn.

There are thousands of channels that provide us with expert advice for almost everything we are interested in. Cooking channels, grilling, hunting, guns, knives, grilling, frying, so on and so forth. So much to choose from!

With all the knowledge available for free on YouTube, we can increase our knowledge while at home. Learn new techniques, recipes, rigs, and find out about what’s new in the fishing industry.

We list down our current top 5 fishing YouTube channels that you should subscribe to now. These channels are not arranged in any ranked order and we love them all equally.

Jonny Brooks ‘Brooksy’ Fishing

Jonny Brooks is a hardcore Australian angler who takes us on awesome fishing adventures all over the world. He takes us with him from the start of the journey, until the end, including all the ups and downs that come with adventure angling.

Brooksy has fished Oman, the US, all over Australia, Japan and of course Vanuatu among other places I forgot, targeting different species special to each destination.

He usually posts a video a week, depending on his travel schedule, destination, and internet availability. With the current situation involving the pandemic, he continues to fish safely within his home waters and around Australia.

May the “froth” be with you.

Deer Meat For Dinner

If you love fishing and take home some of your day’s catch for the table, this channel is for you.

Rob is a highly experienced angler, who skippers his boat, travels the world, cleans, and cooks his fish!

Apart from providing us with the dose of fishing action we all crave, he also shares valuable fishing tips and insights that we can add to our fishing bank.

We’ve broken down a Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna catch and cook recently, and both recipes were awesome! You’ve got to try his recipes out.

Robert AKA deermeatfordinner posts every few days. Sometimes every other day so you’ll never be short on catch and cook videos.

Tackle Advisors

For the tackle nerd in you. This channel does in-depth reviews of rods, spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and all things fishing.

With over 30 years of rod and reel maintenance experience, his reel tear-downs are a sight to behold.

A perfect example would be the recent ‘speed-run’ disassembly of the Penn Battle 3 we’ve just reviewed. He was able to tear down the reel in just over 2 minutes!

If you are keen to learn more about your reels, this is the perfect channel for you. He breaks down reels, compares them to each other, and gives us non-biased advice and recommendations.

For a fishing YouTube channel, this is a treasure trove of tackle maintenance and reviews videos. If you are serious about your fishing gear, you must subscribe to Tackle Advisors.

Life is an open book test. Learning how to learn is your most valuable skill in the online world. – Marc Cuban

The Captain – Legends of the Sea

If you love fishing, you would surely have wanted to own a boat, or maybe already own one. This channel has the best boat reviews out there!

The production quality is downright the best.

The Captain not only covers boats but covers everything fishing and also joins fishing charters and expeditions to review.

He excels at the boating side though, with great boating and boat trailering tips and techniques, with my favorite in-depth boat reviews.

The interviews with the boat owners of the legendary boats he reviews are also a great source of boat ownership insights, diving deep into the realm of boat ownership.

More of a specialty fishing YouTube channel and if you are looking at buying a new boat, or want to learn more about boating and the boating lifestyle, please subscribe to The Captain.

PS. The Captain printed magazine is awesome. Pick up a copy when you get a chance.

YBS Youngbloods

The last but definitely not the least. This fishing YouTube channel / lifestyle channel is probably my current favorite to get my good mojo flowing.

If you truly love the ocean and the creatures that live in it, you have to subscribe to the YBS Youngbloods channel.

Brodie Moss and the gang share their adventures with all of us through amazing videography and photography.

His videos are so immersive and authentic, that you feel that you are truly part of the adventure.

The boys from YBS live in a remote part of Australia where their waters are full of life. The guys truly care for the ocean and nature and promote sustainable fishing and caring for nature.

You’ll get to see whales, sharks, fish of all kinds, crabs, crays, and all other beautiful creatures when watching his videos. For overall good vibes, good feels, and island paradise vibes, check out YBS Youngbloods. For real, check his videos out now.

So that’s it guys and gals. These are my current top 5  fishing YouTube channels that you need to subscribe to now.

Not only will they give you your daily dose of fishing and adventure, but they also provide us with valuable knowledge and skills that we can use daily.

Cooking, fishing, boating, driving, and protecting the earth we live on. Let’s all watch and learn from those who are truly living the life.

What’s your favorite YouTube channel? 

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Top 5 Fishing YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Now!

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