Hear Ye Hear Ye: Top Fishing Podcasts You Should Listen To!

If you’re an angler, nothing beats the chance to have a chat with angling pros. But we know this isn’t always, or even often possible, so that’s where fishing podcasts come in. In this blog post, we list a few of the top fishing podcasts you should have a listen to, in order to gain fishing tips and techniques insights – all told by the pros themselves!

All Eyes on Fishing

We have said this before, fishing creates strong friendship bonds, and that bond is where this top fishing podcast came from. Anglers Josh, Brad and Mitch, who initially met at a fishing tournament, became friends and created All Eyes on Fishing, a podcast for fishing tips and techniques. But what sets this series apart is the humour – these three talk with such ease that you will always get a good laugh while learning a thing or five. Check out their podcast here if you want to learn more about fishing and be entertained at the same time.

The Fishing Podcast

Just like its title, The Fishing Podcast is simply just like that – no fuss, straight to the point podcast about fishing hosted by an angler who has been fishing practically all his life. But the range of the topics is pretty immense which makes this podcast unique. Give it a shot if you want to learn more about most, if not all, types of fishing. From freshwater fishing to ice fishing (if you wanna go there) to even conservation, you can check out the podcast here.

Ike Live

Some podcasts are recorded while others do it live. And Ike Live talks about fishing topics through live video streaming. Though it’s only five years old, the Ike Live fishing podcast has already created almost a hundred episodes and has guested by the likes of Kevin VanDam and Gerald Swindle among other fishing enthusiasts and athletes. They only stream about once a month, but it’s worth giving it a listen. Check out Ike Live here.

Salt Strong

If saltwater fishing is (and always has been) a part of your DNA, then this top fishing podcast is right for you. To be fair, Salt Strong is not only a podcast but an outfit that covers pretty much every media platform. In fact, they started out with a fishing knot video. Because of their dedication to their only passion – fishing – Salt Strong gained a great following in just two years. If you want to listen to their podcast, click here.

Tom Rowland’s Podcast

Saltwater Experience is already an institution for angling. So it’s only fitting that their podcast should be run by an institution himself. Tom Rowland is a fishing expert, be it fresh or saltwater. In his podcast, you are able to take some notes from him and his guests with topics ranging from fishing to health to even business. Want to give it a try? Listen to Tom Rowland’s podcast here.

These are some of the top fishing podcasts you can check out. And we’d love to know which one you frequent the most. We at Ocean Blue Fishing don’t have a fishing podcast yet (maybe in the future) but be sure to follow us on Instagram. We update our wall and stories everyday so you’ll always get a dose of Vanuatu fishing.

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Hear Ye Hear Ye: Top Fishing Podcasts You Should Listen To!

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