How To Must Know Catch and Release Fishing Tips

As anglers we need to conserve, protect and nurture the marine life...

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How To Sun Protection Clothing: Stay Sun Safe When Fishing

As an angler, the sun can be your enemy and your friend at the same...

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Gear & Boats Fishing With Drones: What You Need to Know

These days people use drones to take photos and videos from virtually...

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Gear & Boats Tied Up In Knots? Read Our Shortlist Of The Best Saltwater Fishing Knots

As a seasoned, or even novice angler, you might find it difficult to...

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How To Why Do We Lose Fish? Common Mistakes To Avoid.

You may have prepared and planned a fishing trip months in advance...

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How To Fishing With Live Baits. Are They More Effective Than Artificial Lures?

There are hundreds and hundreds of artificial lures available on the...

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How To Don’t Put Your Life On The Line: Top Fishing Safety Tips

Fishing is a relaxing and fun experience that everyone should try at...

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Gear & Boats Baits or Lures; Which Is Best to Use?

Baits or lures? This is one of the most common questions every angler...

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Inspiration Want to Land Sailfish Like a Pro? Here’s Our Sailfish Fishing Tips and Secrets

Sailfish fishing is no joke. If landing this feisty monster is on...

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How To Multiple Marlin Fishing: How do you catch more than one billfish at the same time?

If you’ve observed or participated in a fishing tournament before,...

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