Italian Anglers at Work!

A gang of Italian anglers, lead by returning guest David Lorenzato, father Ennio and good friend Bernard Komg (who surely knows a lot about Italians), experience incredible crash strikes and tough fights during their 7 nights, 6 days sports fishing adventure chasing GT’s and doggies.

Based out of our lodge, Trees and Fishes, located within Havannah Harbour on the north side. Nestled amongst a spectacular natural heaven which was used during world war II as a naval rear base by the entire US 7th Fleet.

Fishing with Ocean Blue guide, Andrea Traverso (also Italian) who believes that GTs generally feed at specific spots where current and a good amount of bait is present but by saying that it doesn’t mean they will be present and feeding on all those spots on any day and at any time. So the only way to be ‘at the right time, at the right spot’ is to keep on casting until you find them. GT’s along with dogtooth are one of the more challenging species and require consistency, persistence and no “No Weak Link”.

The week saw no weak link with father and son combo landing themselves some 30kg+ GT, doggies on popper, by catches of red bass on stickbait, job fish along with Bernard landing himself a nice coral trough and a doggie that could of been a beauty, had it not been for the shark feast.

Great effort to David, Ennio and Bernard. Having now a taste of what GT and dogtooth fishing is all about, maybe next adventure for your bucket list is one of extreme live on board expedition!

“Thanks for a great week here at Trees and fishes/ocean blue. Andrea, Tom and all the staff were fantastic.”

David Lorenzato – St Yves – Australia

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Italian Anglers at Work!

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