Dogtooth Mania & Exploring very Remote Islands!

Sydney anglers Sean Tieck, Nick Hamilton Smith & Mike Bonicci are all seasoned Ocean Blue Vanuatu regulars, having fished with us on numerous occasions. This expedition however for them was different, being joined by a few more equally hardcore mates, we tailored an itinerary with our big catamaran ‘Rendezvous’, plus both 32ft EdgeWaters to fish very remote islands on an all-out Dogtooth Tuna Exploratory Mission!

Congrats again to anglers Campbell Ellis, Steve Johnson, Michael Bonicci, Richard Price, Nick Hamilton Smith, Sean Tieck & Andrew Giardina

We could say it really was a trip of a lifetime, but the guys are already planning a return trip for more of the same!

“We’ve just had the most amazing weeks fishing, exploring some very remote islands. Everyone landed plenty of great doggies and lost some monsters that will give us nightmares until next time. The highlights for me were beating my PB several times over, and landing a 40kg doggie on PE 3 line and a stella 6000 reel! Mike Bonnici will be haunted by losing an absolute monster fish which he hooked with a massive surface strike at dusk! We are already planning our return trip!”

Sean Tieck

“Simply put it was an awesome trip.. My very first drop of the trip I nailed my PB doggie and landed a 25kg. Second drop and I got my best of the expedition at 45Kg! I was really on a high then for the rest of the adventure! I hooked a 50kg Sailfish on a stickbait only for it to spit the hooks at the boat, then the same lure was smacked out of the water by a Wahoo! Didn’t land either but didn’t matter, two awesome fish on the one cast! Worth a mention is one infamous location that decky Tony called, ‘The Rock’. The guys on my boat were having a blinder jigging doggies up to 20kg, while I persisted working a stickbait on the surface. After about 10 more ‘last cast then I’ll pick up my jig rod also’ I got destroyed by an approx 30-40kg doggie on the surface. Unfortunately it spat the lure, but the lure was picked up by a smaller 15kg model on the way back in. The boys had joined me fishing top water to see 3 or 4 more (doggies) fall to surface lures. My third dogtooth on stickbait was a horse, easy 35kg and running harder than any others. Once we got it closer to the boat we realised why, as it was being chased by a big ‘shark’ so I worked extra hard to get it the boat, fast. However soon we realised it wasn’t a shark that was chasing it but an absolute tank of a doggie easily 90kg plus. This monster doggie was trying to eat the ‘smaller’ one that was about 35kg! To put it into scale only the tail and head was sticking out either side of the bigger dogs mouth!! We switched it to a live bait but it had us in the shallow reef before we could even get a wind…. As always the service from all the crew was second to none! Plus the Simrad sounders were working a treat as well so really happy to see the guys using them to full extent.”

Nick Hamilton Smith (Simrad / Navico Australia)

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Dogtooth Mania & Exploring very Remote Islands!

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