Experience More than just a Malaysia Fishing Adventure

For over 25 years, Ocean Blue Fishing has dared to explore the unknown and provide our clients with memorable experiences. It’s why we do what we do to elevate adventure and deliver our clients something new. A recent addition to our adventure offerings is the Sailfish and Giant Snakehead  fishing adventures in the beautiful coastal waters of Kuala Rompin in Malaysia. From landing and releasing your first sailfish to catching them on topwater or fly tackle, our team will help you plan your Malaysia fishing adventure customized for you.

Angele Pisano

Originally from Vanuatu, Angele heads up our reservation office in Sydney, Australia. Her years in the hospitality industry hold her in good stead when planning your Malaysia fishing adventure. Her extensive knowledge and experience in international travel along with a keen eye for detail allows her to make sure your journey is unforgettable, tailoring and refining your trip plans right up until the moment you leave.

Rob Chang

Rob heads our fishing team in Malaysia and will be the lead guide on your trips in Kuala Rompin. With fluency in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay, he is the best travel companion in Southeast Asia acting as a guide – translator to guests and other people you may meet while on the trip. His expert fishing knowledge and experience of the Kuala Rompin fishery allows us to provide the best chances of success to our loyal guests.

John Cruz

John is originally from the Philippines. John has extensive guiding experience throughout Asia and Papua New Guinea. John’s now swapped his guiding cap for the keyboard and heads up our marketing team. John heads up our reseller program and you’ll find John hosting a number of expeditions throughout the year. John also has a passion for photography and videography and can be commissioned to join you, to capture your adventure.

Rais Dollah

Captain Rais is a local Kuala Rompin resident and licensed captain who considers the coastal waters his backyard. With over 2 decades of Rompin fishing experience while with us for more than a decade. Rais has successfully put many happy guests onto the fish accompanied by his great teaching demeanor and unwavering smile. He will always go the extra mile for the guests and crew to ensure that everyone onboard have the time of their lives.

Pak La (AKA Black)

Black is a licensed captain with over 30 years of on the water experience in the Malaysian peninsula and knows the seas like the back of his hands. He has been with us for more than 10 years and have shown us how sharp his eyes are, noticing every detail the ocean shares with us humans, getting guests onto fish before they know it. Black will work relentlessly to get his guests onto good fish and to have an unforgettable experience.

An experience you simply can’t get anywhere else

Ocean Blue is the only true Sport Fishing Adventure company offering a total experience from the moment you first make contact to the moment you depart. Ocean Blue own and operate Trees and Fishes Anglers Retreat and our four Edge Water Sport Fishers. So if you’re after more than just a fishing trip, join us in a perfect location with a stunning setting, enjoy superb cuisine in a tropical atmosphere totally relaxing!